Best Online Sports Betting Sites for Canadians in 2020

Our aggregate rating system provides a truly unbiased approach to helping you find the best sports betting sites in Canada. You can also count on our up-to-date reviews to deliver unique insight into each online betting site. Also check out our list of best online sportsbooks for gamblers in Canada to view additional information on each site.


Bodog Review
Avg. Rating: 94%


Bodog is one of the biggest sportsbook brands around in the game and they've been around so long because it is a great product. Bodog offers a generous 100% first deposit bonus up to $200.

Bonus: 100% up to $200
Terms & Conditions Apply


Avg. Rating: 77%

Pinnacle Sports

While a lot of sportsbooks try to be a jack of all trades and do something well in a lot of realms, Pinnacle Sports has taken a different approach: they offer the lowest juice in the industry.

Bonus: Reduced Juice
Terms & Conditions Apply


Heritage Sports
Avg. Rating: 85%

Heritage Sports

Heritage Sports gets a lot of love in the betting community because they offer reduced juice. That means you'll get better odds and a lower bookie advantage so you’ll win more on your winning bets. On top of the savings you’ll receive by betting here, they also offer fantastic customer service and fast payouts.

Bonus: 50% up to $1000
Terms & Conditions Apply


Avg. Rating: 84%


BookMaker has been around for 20 years and they are one of the betting sites that professional bettors look to. Not only do they post the lines early, they offer huge betting limits and always welcome the sharp action. They’re one of the most esteemed brands in the industry.

Bonus: 50% up to $1000
Terms & Conditions Apply


Avg. Rating: 79%


One of the newer online betting sites, this company has quickly gained ground on the sports betting leaders. They offer a sizable deposit bonus, a huge selection of betting lines and a slick betting website that looks good on both desktop and mobile.

Bonus: 50% up to $1000
Terms & Conditions Apply

Unbiased Ratings & Reviews

All the ratings on this site were combined from other review sites. To be as transparent and unbiased as possible, we don't supply our own ratings. This gives you a high level perspective to make a more informed decision regarding which betting site to sign up with. In spite of that and to provide more value, you can also read our impartial review of each betting site.

Current & Unlisted Bonuses

We have the most current bonuses for each betting site. Additionally, most betting sites have retention programs to keep players active. One example, if you sign up for a sportsbook but don't fund it, the site will email you an exclusive bonus to fund your account. We try to get our hands on these unlisted bonuses and deliver them to you.

Best Sports Betting Sites for Canadians

Last Updated on June 28, 2020

We've done all the work for you. To be completely unbiased, we have aggregated the ratings of all the top sports betting review websites. We think this birds-eye view will give a more trusted and honest approach in your research of finding a great betting site. Please note that we have taken to liberty to convert all ratings into percentages for SBR's American Grading System (A+ to F) and all sites that use the Star Rating System (0 to 5 Stars). All other review sites had a percentage scale available.

For reference, here are the sites we aggregated from:

  • (TSG)
  • (MTS)
  • (SBD)
  • (OS)
  • (SBR)
  • (GS)

Feel free to read their reviews (linked in the table below). All we ask is that you use our links to click-out to the actual betting sites as this helps us keep the lights on. Thanks in advance and we hope you find this information useful!

Betting SitesAvg. RatingTSGMTSSBDOSSBRGSSite AgeBonusCA AccpetedOur Review
10Bet82%70%80%92%84%/go-to/10bet Years50% up to €100canadaCA Featured
888Sport89%80%92%91%96%84%/go-to/888sport Years300% up to $30canadaCA Featured
Bet36591%80%93%91%100%90%/go-to/bet365 YearsN/AcanadaCA FeaturedBet365 Review/bet365-review/
BetRegal86%86%/go-to/betregal YearscanadaCA Featured
Bodog94%90%96%91%100%100%84%/go-to/bodog Years100% up to $200canadaCA FeaturedBodog Review/bodog-review/
bwin73%60%86%/go-to/bwin Years100% up to €200canadaCA Featured
Heritage Sports85%70%100%/go-to/heritage-sports Years50% up to $250canadaCA FeaturedHeritage Sports Review/heritage-sports-review/
Pinnacle77%81%62%80%100%60%/go-to/pinnacle YearsJuice up to 5%canadaCA FeaturedPinnacle Review/pinnacle-sports-review/
Spin Palace79%80%78%/go-to/spin-palace Years100% up to $200canadaCA Featured
SportBet68%40%60%92%80%/go-to/sportbet Years50% up to $520canadaCA Featured
Sports Interaction91%90%100%96%76%/go-to/sports-interaction Years100% up to $125canadaCA FeaturedSports Interaction Review/sports-interaction-review/
William Hill85%80%85%78%100%80%/go-to/william-hill YearsN/AcanadaCA Featured
BetWay90%90%95%93%90%86%88%/go-to/betway Years100% up to $100CA Featured

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Shopping around for the best online sports betting site? Well, there are a number of things to look for when you’re doing your evaluation. We’ve set up an eight-step checklist of the most important features to consider for your betting site. Make sure the online betting site you’re depositing at checks off as many of these as possible:

Trust & Reliability

For us, this is one of the most important factors. When you’re sending money to a betting site, you want to make sure that the book is a legit operation that is trusted, reliable and has good reviews. The last thing you want is to be dealing with a shady operation. What they might do is welcome a deposit and let you play as long as you lose, but if you go to withdraw, they might give you the run around. If you hear stories about books like that, avoid them.

At, we compile a complete aggregate score. That way you’re getting an impartial, overall collection of sportsbook ratings from the industry, so that you can see how the books are graded across the board. Instead of going to each site, you can come here and see it all in one place.

What you’ll want to do is stick with the top betting sites that are well-reviewed and are reliable. There are plenty of them out there, so there’s no need to risk it with a betting site that’s untrustworthy.

Banking Methods

In terms of the financials, you’ll want to take a look and see what type of deposit and withdrawal methods are available. The best online sports gambling sites on the market will have plenty of options for you and generally speaking, you’ll want to avoid the books that allow just a couple of options. It’s not always a red flag when a book has limited banking methods but it’s definitely more encouraging when there are lots of options. Some of the most common methods are Visa, MasterCard, prepaid cards, PayPal, Skrill, person-to-person, e-checks, bank transfers, bank wires and cryptocurrencies like BitCoin and Litecoin.

One other thing we always check-in on is what are their fees and what are their timeframes for both deposits and transfers. With fees, ideally you’d have free options for your money going in and out. With time frames, deposits should be instantaneous while payouts should be processed fairly quickly – depending on the method.

Deposit Bonus

One of the most enticing aspects of signing up for a betting site account is the initial deposit bonus. After all, who doesn’t like some free money? Of course, if you read our article on sportsbook bonuses, you’ll know it’s not completely free and you’ll learn that not all bonuses are made the same.

At the same time, make sure you take advantage of the deposit bonus because this gives your bankroll a boost. It’s hard enough to win in sports betting, so if you can start out ahead of the game, that puts you in good shape.

We tend to look for betting sites that offer cash bonuses (versus risk-free bets) and that have low rollover requirements. Those are usually the best bonuses you can get. A couple of good ones that we like are BetOnline, who’ll will give you a 100% deposit bonus up to $200 in cash or Heritage Sports who will give you 50% up to $250. Although Bet365 generally does not give away large bonuses, they have very small rollover requirements which is sometimes more enticing to many gamblers.

Betting Lines Available

The betting lines are the product at the betting site and there is a big difference in offerings from the best sports betting sites to the worst. At SportsbookAudit, we compile the aggregate score of the books from across the industry. We take into account all of the major sportsbook critics and their evaluation of the betting lines is a big part of how they grade. By gathering all of those scores and putting them in one place for you on, we’re doing the legwork so that we can point you in the best direction in terms of the best betting sites with the best lines.

For the most part, we’ve found that every betting site will have lines on the basic things like NFL point spreads, hockey moneylines, baseball lines and basketball odds. MyBookie has the best odds for boxing. You’ll be able to bet on point spreads, moneylines and totals in all of those sports. The big differences come in with props, futures and some of the fringe sports categories.

For example, the best online betting sites will have a vast array of props for each game, which will allow you to bet on player performances and various other happenings in the game. The better books will also post season-long props like regular season win totals, props to win awards and fun topical subjects (like where a free agent might sign next).

In terms of the fringe sports, some books ignore the entertainment realm while others post lines on the Oscars, reality shows and politics. For us, it will always make sense to deposit and play with the sports betting websites that provide more lines to choose from.


Bonus: 100% up to $200 Review Go to Site


Bonus: Reduced Juice Review Go to Site


Bonus: 50% up to $250 Review Go to Site

Live Sports Betting

Speaking of the sports betting lines, make sure you take a peek at the live betting section. Our experts have found that there’s a big difference here too from the best online sports betting sites to the worst.

The top online betting sites will give you the opportunity to live bet all of the games. For example, if there are 14 games on an NFL Sunday, they’ll allow you to live bet every single one. And the same with college football, basketball and hockey. However, some of the words books are limited with live betting and will only post lines on the major stuff. Keep that in mind when you’re shopping around.

How Early Are The Lines Up?

Another important factor that we consider is how early the betting lines get posted. Some betting sites will be a bit lazy with their lines and opening them at noon for the games that evening. For example, Bodog isn’t always early with their lines although they are getting better. Other sportsbooks will open up the lines the night before (overnight lines) and even offer look ahead lines. Typically, Pinnacle and BookMaker are two betting sites that are first to the market and open lines.

Early lines are important as they offer an early sports wagering opportunity to bet on the games before the lines have moved around. A lot of professional bettors will be on the games early on before the public piles in and changes the numbers. If your book is slow to put up the numbers, you won’t get this opportunity. The best online sports betting sites either post the numbers as early as possible.

Juice On The Lines

The juice (also known as the Vig for Vigorish)  on the betting lines is sometimes overlooked by new customers but it’s something that we always take note of. If you’re not familiar with what juice means, in short, betting sites with lower juice will allow your money to go further. For example, most betting sites might have -110 lines for football games but if a betting site offers -105 on football, that means you’ll be potentially saving about 5% in the long run. If you’re betting to win $100, it means you’d have to bet $110 to win $100 on -110 and $105 to win $100 on -105 lines.

This is a great perk that’s offered by some of the best betting sites, such as Heritage Sports, as it means your money will go further. If books are charging higher prices and higher juice on the lines, it’s a bit of a price gouge, so see if you can find low (or lower) juice options.


When you’re browsing around for the best sports gambling sites, take a peek at what type of promotions are available. Sure, almost every book gives you an initial deposit bonus but what do they offer beyond that?

The best betting sites will offer some ongoing promotions, like weekly or monthly incentives where you can win more money by betting on certain things, tying promos to different events like the Super Bowl or running various contests where customers can play.

Although loyalty programs are not what they used to be, it’s nice when you find a betting site that has one. The more you play, the more you get rewarded, so why not take advantage? It’s a shame that a number of sports betting websites have gotten rid of them.

How To Open A Sports Betting Site Account?

Once you’ve settled on the sports betting site that you want to play at, the last step is to open up an account and fund it with money in to play with. The process is quite simple:

  1. Visit The Sports Betting Site Homepage
    Surf over to one of our recommended sports betting sites and look for a ‘Join’ button.
  2. Fill Out The Form
    From there, they’ll ask you to fill out some basic form, which will ask basic details like your age, address and e-mail. It’s all standard stuff across the board and it will take about 1-2 minutes.
  3. Deposit & Play
    That’s really all it takes to open up a betting site account. Once you’ve opened the account and been verified, head over to the banking section and make a deposit. After your funds have hit the account, it’s time for you to dive into the action!


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