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Heritage Sports Review

Last Updated on August 30, 2020

Heritage Sports Review
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  • Variety Of Bonus/Reward Offerings
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  • Small Casino Offerings
  • Customer Service Could Improve
  • Cold-Calls With Bonus & Promos

Heritage Sports Sportsbook Review

At a time in which we have seen an explosion in the number of quality sports betting sites out there right now, Heritage Sports has done an excellent job establishing itself as a reputable, quality sportsbook. Known for its low juice, outstanding customer service and additional perks, Heritage has quickly become a top-five sports betting destination on the planet.

The key to Heritage’s success is largely due to the site’s low juice offering. For many people, the go-to low juice book for a long time was Pinnacle Sports but they’ve since limited who can play there. On top of that, Pinnacle offers the barebones in terms of betting lines and service. Heritage Sports has done a great job of filling that void left by Pinnacle to cater to the customers who want better value on the betting lines.

We’ve created this review to help you get acquainted with Heritage Sports and see why they receive high marks across the board from all of the review sites. Let’s start off with their low juice option, which is one of the key reasons players flock to their book:

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Great Low Juice Options

One of the key features with Heritage Sportsbook is that they have low juice. Many of the users who tested the book out for this review had long had accounts because it’s usually a place where you can find the best line.

They call themselves the “Best Value In Sports” and that might be the case since Pinnacle Sports – previously a great low juice option – isn’t available in many parts of the world.

To put in perspective just how valuable their low juice option is, let’s look at an example. With the NBA, they offer -105 on each side, so here’s what you’d see:

Los Angeles Lakers +2.5 -105
Houston Rockets -2.5 -105

Remember, almost every other sportsbook out there has -110 on point spreads. In other words, if you bet at any other book, you’d be wagering $110 to win $100. At Heritage Sports, you’re wagering $105 to win that same $100. You’re saving $5 per loss.

Let’s say that you place one bet per day and you win 50% of the time and lose 50% of the time. Over the course of the money, you’d lose $75 more by playing at another sportsbook. It makes no sense to do that.

For sports like CFL, NFL, NCAAF, NBA, MLB and NHL, we saw Heritage have better prices almost across the board. It makes sense to have an account here because you’ll often get the best line here and in the long run, that will save you a lot of money.

Heritage Sports Low Juice

Reduced Juice & Cash Back Accounts

You have two separate options when you open an account at Heritage Sports: a “Reduced Juice – Cash Back” account or a “-105 Internet Only” program. The latter is the low juice option we were referring to above whereas the former gives you a blend.

With the reduced juice-cash back combo, you’ll still get better lines than most shops because the spreads are dropped to -108. However, you’ll also get cash back on a monthly basis. You’ll get up to 0.8% cash back on every bet – win or lose – plus you’ll get 8% back on casino action and 4% back on horse racing action.

This gives you the opportunity to still get the low juice but also collect on the cash back, which many players will appreciate.

Heritage Sports Reduced Juice Low Vig

What Deposit Methods are Accepted at Heritage?

One of the best aspects of the Heritage sportsbook is the wide range of deposit methods that the company accepts. The deposit options include Bitcoin, Person-to-person, Money Transfer, International VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Cashier’s Check and Bank Wire. The wide range of deposit options make signing up for an account and getting started with the sportsbook that much easier.

The minimum deposit amounts range depending on the payment method. They start as low as $17 for MasterCard, AMEX and International VISA all the way to $100 if you are using Money Transfer. Heritage doesn’t charge their users for deposits either. However, there are possible foreign exchange fees that can apply to certain deposits including credit card.

The maximum deposit amounts also vary, ranging from CAD$700 to CAD$14,000.

The Heritage Sportsbook does its best to encourage Bitcoin users to take advantage of that currency when playing at their site as well. The maximum bitcoin deposit of $10,000 is much higher than the next highest possible max deposit amount, which is CAD$800 via money transfer.

The best part about playing with Heritage is that you can take advantage of their lucrative bonus options, including the sign-up bonuses that we will touch on later in this column.

Heritage Sports Deposit Methods

How to Withdraw Money From Heritage?

Once you decide you have won enough money and you are ready to cash out, Heritage provides a wide range of options for taking money out of your betting account.

The options for money withdrawal from Heritage include Bitcoin, Check, Bank Wire, Sports Book Transfer and person to person. As is the case with the different deposit methods, there are certain minimum amounts and maximum amounts when it comes to withdrawing money.

Bitcoin is the best option here as well since you can withdraw up to US$3,000 instantly for free between Monday and Friday. However, if you were to use another option like Check, then it would take a US$50 payment to withdraw the funds and you would need to wait up until 30 days before you get paid your money.

Heritage Sports Withdraw Methods

Fast, Reliable Payouts

We tested this out with all types of denominations as we had players with accounts in the hundreds and plays with funds in the thousands. Across the board, the payouts were fast and reliable with no customers ever experiencing any hiccups or issues.

In our experience, Bitcoin was the best option to use as the payouts came within the same day and it was completely free to use.

What Makes Heritage A Top Rated Betting Site?

There are a number of reasons why Heritage is such a great site. In addition to their excellent customer service and easy to navigate layout, Heritage also offers some outstanding bonuses and promotions.

The sign-up bonus with Heritage is currently listed at 50% cash up to a maximum of CAD$350 with a 12x rollover. In addition to the sign-up bonus, Heritage also offers its members two options for player programs with lucrative perks. First, you can have reduced juice, which lowers the number to -108 on all sides and full game totals with cash back. The second option is to go with the -105 juice for style sides/totals without the cash back. With so many excellent promotions and bonuses available, it’s easy to understand why Heritage is so popular.

Heritage’s Customer Service: How To Contact and is it Reliable?

The Heritage sportsbook can be reached using the customer service number 1-800-800-7777. In addition to the live chat by telephone, you can also reach the customer service department at Heritage via live chat on the website.

The live chat option is one of the best in the business with minimal wait times before you are connected with an experienced representative that can help you with any issues you might have. In addition to the live chat, you can also email the company at customerservice@heritagesportsbook.com, and expect a response within hours.

Heritage Sports Customer Support

Heritage Sportsbook Frequently Asked Questions

Is Heritage a Safe and Legitimate Sports Betting Site?2020-02-05T19:51:53-06:00

One of the first things that you want to look for when reviewing the best sportsbooks out there is that the destination is safe and legitimate. Heritage checks off both of those boxes as a site that can be fully and completely trusted by all of its users.

Is Heritage legal in Canada?2020-03-15T15:49:49-06:00

Yes, betting with the Heritage Sportsbook is legal in Canada. The sportsbook does have country restrictions. However, those restrictions are currently limited to Australia, France, Costa Rica and the United Kingdom. If you live anywhere in North America, you are allowed to sign up with the Heritage sportsbook.

Is Heritage Legal in my Province?2020-03-15T15:53:27-06:00

If you want to make sure that Heritage is legal in your province, you can simply call their 24/7 customer service department in order to verify. They operate out of Costa Rica, so they have to follow the rules and regulations of that country. That means that – for the most part – they allow sports betting to anyone in Canada.

What is the Legal Age to Bet at Heritage?2020-02-05T19:53:11-06:00

Costa Rican gambling laws have set the legal age for betting at 18 years old, so as long as you’re 18 or older, you’re able to play at Heritage Sportsbook. If you have any questions about the legal age to bet with Heritage, give their customer service a call and they’ll walk you through the details.

Heritage Sports Rating
Avg. Rating: 83%

Rated By:

TheSportsGeek.com: 70%

SportsbookReview.com: 100%


Bonus: 50% up to $250 Terms & Conditions Apply

Heritage Sports Review
50% First
Up to $250
Use Bonus Code: Welcome Bonus    Minimum $25 to Qualify

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