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Canada Sportsbook Rating Guide

Last Updated on May 9, 2020

Our sportsbook rating guide is a bit unique. We've aggregated the rating of six different review sites to get a combined average score. This will give you a panoramic view of each sportsbook's ratings. Please note that we have taken to liberty to convert all sportsbook ratings into percentages for the American Grading System (A+ to F) and all sites that use the Star Rating System (0 to 5 Stars). All other review sites had a percentage scale available. Each of the sportsbooks listed below allow Canadian gamblers to open an account. The guide also indicates the amount of years the sportsbook has been online and any current bonuses available to Canada players.


SportsbookAvg. RatingTSGMTSSBDOSSBRGSSite AgeBonusCA AccpetedOur Review
10Bet82%70%80%92%84%/go-to/10bet17 Years50% up to €100canada
1Vice73%70%76%/go-to/1vice9 Years100% up to $1,500canada
5Dimes77%80%75%56%70%100%80%/go-to/5dimes20 Years50% up to $520canada/5dimes-review/5Dimes Review
888Sport89%80%92%91%96%84%/go-to/888sport12 Years300% up to $30canada
ABCIslands73%60%86%/go-to/abcislands22 Years10% up to $500canada
Americas Bookie78%80%76%/go-to/americas-bookie16 Years100% up to $1,500canada
Anonibet70%60%79%/go-to/anonibet9 Years100% up to 100BTCcanada
Bet36591%80%93%91%100%90%/go-to/bet36519 YearsN/AcanadaBet365 Review
Betcris100%100%/go-to/betcris35 Yearscanada
BetDSI71%80%74%59%80%72%60%/go-to/betdsi19 Years100% up to $1,000canada
BetMania73%60%86%/go-to/betmania16 Years200% up to $2,625canada
BetNow85%100%82%77%90%76%/go-to/betnow4 Years50% up to $1,000canada/betnow-review/BetNow Review
BetOnline92%90%92%92%90%100%86%/go-to/betonline19 Years50% up to $1,000canada/betonline-review/BetOnline Review
BetPhoenix66%80%0%90%86%72%/go-to/betphoenix14 Years50% up to $1000canada
BetPOP75%60%89%/go-to/betpop16 Years35% up to $300canada
BetRally87%90%84%/go-to/betrally7 Years100% up to €100canada
BetRegal86%86%/go-to/betregal3 Yearscanada
BetSafe77%72%82%/go-to/betsafe14 Yearscanada
BetUSA61%50%72%/go-to/betusa24 Years20% up to $50canada
BetVictor80%90%85%60%86%/go-to/betvictor20 Years100% up to £50canada
BitcoinRush75%75%/go-to/bitcoinrush7 YearsNonecanada
Bodog94%90%96%91%100%100%84%/go-to/bodog17 Years100% up to $200canada/bodog-review/Bodog Review
Bookmaker84%80%77%86%80%100%78%/go-to/bookmaker20 Years15% up to $600canada/bookmaker-review/Bookmaker Review
bwin73%60%86%/go-to/bwin19 Years100% up to €200canada
Carbon Gaming48%52%0%80%62%48%/go-to/carbon-gaming8 Years25% up to $250canada
CloudBet83%80%86%/go-to/cloudbet7 Years100% up to 5BTCcanada
ComeOn!80%80%79%/go-to/comeon!10 Years100% up to €25canada
DraftKings86%100%72%/go-to/draftkings8 Years100% up to $600canada
FanDuel84%90%78%/go-to/fanduel2 Years100% up to $20canada
Galaxy Sports88%80%96%/go-to/galaxy-sports6 Years15% up to $600canada
Guts81%80%90%82%72%/go-to/guts7 Years100% up to $100canada
Heritage Sports85%70%100%/go-to/heritage-sports19 Years50% up to $250canada/heritage-sports-review/Heritage Sports Review
HRWager75%70%79%/go-to/hrwager8 Years200% up to $2,000canada
Intertops79%80%85%67%90%96%58%/go-to/intertops24 Years50% up to $200canada/intertops-review/Intertops Review
JazzSports70%60%79%/go-to/jazzsports20 Years15% up to $500canada
JustBet74%80%46%96%/go-to/justbet20 Years15% up to $600canada
LooseLines73%60%86%/go-to/looselines22 Years100% up to $500canada
MyBookie79%80%76%80%79%82%/go-to/mybookie6 Years50% up to $1,000canada/mybookie-review/MyBookie Review
Nitrogen Sports92%89%94%/go-to/nitrogen-sports8 YearsNonecanada/nitrogen-sports-review/Nitrogen Sports Review
Party Poker Sports70%60%80%/go-to/party-poker-sports19 Years100% up to $500canada
Pinnacle77%81%62%80%100%60%/go-to/pinnacle22 YearsJuice up to 5%canada/pinnacle-sports-review/Pinnacle Review
SBG Global52%72%47%62%28%/go-to/sbg-global21 Years20% up to $10,000canada
SBO33%0%66%/go-to/sbo17 Years10% up to $10,000canada
Skybook68%60%58%90%86%48%/go-to/skybook22 Years30% up to $500canada
Spin Palace79%80%78%/go-to/spin-palace19 Years100% up to $200canada
SportBet68%40%60%92%80%/go-to/sportbet22 Years50% up to $520canada
SportingBet76%80%72%/go-to/sportingbet22 Years100% up to £50canada
Sports Interaction91%90%100%96%76%/go-to/sports-interaction23 Years100% up to $125canada/sports-interaction-review/Sports Interaction Review
SportsBetting.ag89%90%87%90%80%96%88%/go-to/sportsbetting.ag22 Years75% up to $1,000canada/sportsbetting-ag-review/ Review
Sportsbook.ag39%52%0%62%40%/go-to/sportsbook.ag20 Years50% up to $1,000canada
TigerGaming80%80%80%/go-to/tigergaming21 Years100% up to $1,000canada
TopBet28%8%0%80%0%52%/go-to/topbet20 Years100% up to $1,000canada/topbet-review/TopBet Review
WagerWeb74%60%82%53%80%96%/go-to/wagerweb26 Years55% up to $1,100canada/wagerweb-review/WagerWeb Review
William Hill85%80%85%78%100%80%/go-to/william-hill19 YearsN/Acanada
Winner80%80%86%74%/go-to/winner7 Years100% up to £200canada
XBet84%80%81%77%100%84%/go-to/xbet7 Years100% up to $300canada
YouWager78%60%96%/go-to/youwager21 Years50% up to $1,000canada/youwager-review/YouWager Review

Unbiased Ratings & Reviews

All the ratings on this site were combined from other review sites. To be as transparent and unbiased as possible, we don't supply our own ratings. This gives you a high level perspective to make a more informed decision regarding which betting site to sign up with. In spite of that and to provide more value, you can also read our impartial review of each sportsbook.

Current & Unlisted Bonuses

We have the most current bonuses for each betting site. Additionally, most betting sites have retention programs to keep players active. One example, if you sign up for a sportsbook but don't fund it, the site will email you an exclusive bonus to fund your account. We try to get our hands on these unlisted bonuses and deliver them to you.