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The table below displays the best Bitcoin sportsbooks in order of their average rating. To understand more about how the average rating works then head over to our Sportsbook Ratings page or read our matching sportsbook review if available. All of the sportsbooks listed in the table accept Bitcoin as a deposit and withdraw method. The majority of these sportsbooks convert your BTC into USD, so USD is the currency you'll be gambling. For your convenience we have listed whether you can place a bet in BTC currency and the minimum Bitcoin deposit amount at the sportsbook. All of the Bitcoin sportsbooks in this table accept US players.

Below the table we have a ton of great FAQ information regarding Bitcoin and sportsbook related questions.

5 Best Bitcoin Sportsbooks

  1. Bovada – 50% up to $250 – Bet Now!
  2. BetOnline – 50% up to $1000 – Bet Now!
  3. MyBookie – 50% up to $1000 – Bet Now!
  4. BookMaker – 50% up to $500 – Bet Now!
  5. YouWager – 50% up to $250 – Bet Now!

Why Use A Bitcoin Sportsbook?

Those who know, know. Those who are new to sports betting will often ask: why use a Bitcoin sportsbook? If you're in the latter category, allow us to elaborate as to the benefits:

Anonymity (No KYC)

One of the most attractive features of a Bitcoin sportsbook is the fact that they provide anonymity. If you're someone who is looking to play and would rather not have companies, people, the government or whoever else tracking what you're doing, a Bitcoin sportsbook can offer that. That's because you can deposit crypto anonymously, play with it and withdraw back to your wallet.

When you sign up at a book like Nitro Betting, you don't have to provide any details about yourself. You're simply a number to them. If you play, win and withdraw, they just send money back to a crypto address. That's all there is to it. No other type of sportsbook – onshore, offshore or land-based – can offer you this type of anonymity.

High Limits

Many people figured that if sportsbooks get regulated in the United States or Canada, it would mean they can have unfettered access to betting. Want to bet props? Go for it. Want high limits? No problem. Want to do whatever you want to do? It's all good. The reality is that a lot of the onshore books give players a hard time. If you win too much, they'll limit your account or give you the boot. Beyond that, many of the books won't even let you bet four figures – let along high limits.

The good news with a crypto sportsbook is that they are not nearly as sensitive with limits. If you want to bet a bitcoin or two, nobody will stop you.

Easy-Peasy Deposits, Withdrawals

There's a bit of a learning curve with crypto but once you know what you're doing, you'll find depositing and withdrawing using crypto is so easy. Veteran bettors will remember the days of bizarre things with Western Union payments, Skrill fees and “expedited” check delays. And even nowadays, it's getting harder and harder to deposit using traditional banking methods.

If you use cryptocurrency, it's super easy to deposit and withdraw from sportsbooks. Not only is it easy, it's also fast and typically has the lowest fees across the board.

Access To Different Markets

While there is certain regulation in different places as to what you can bet on, there is no such issue with a crypto sportsbook. They'll often post lines on all sorts of wacky entertainment stuff, various esports and peer-to-peer events. They're not shy to offer a line and take a bet. As a customer, that makes for a fun experience.

Use Your Crypto

One of the first spaces to adopt crypto was the sports betting industry. Nowadays, the relationship is still going as strong as ever. If you're someone that's sitting on a bunch of crypto and have wondered what to do with it, betting on sports is one of the use cases. Any of these sites will take crypto for deposits and many will let you play using that as your base currency.

3 Best Bitcoin Betting Sites

  1. Nitro Betting (Formerly Nitrogen) – No Deposit Bonus
  2. – 200% up to $1000
  3. Thunderpick – 100% up to $550
Bitcoin SportsbookBitcoin BonusMin. BTC DepositPlace Bet in ฿Our RatingOur ReviewGo to Site
5Dimes50% up to $520$50 USD in ฿
1.0 rating
5Dimes ReviewVisit Site/5dimes-review//go-to/5dimes
Anonibet100% up to 100BTC฿0.001 BTC
3.5 rating
Visit Site/go-to/anonibet
BetDSI100% up to $1,000$5 USD in ฿
3.6 rating
Visit Site/go-to/betdsi
BetMania200% up to $2,625$50 USD in ฿
3.7 rating
Visit Site/go-to/betmania
BetNow50% up to $1,000$20 USD in ฿
4.8 rating
BetNow ReviewVisit Site/betnow-review//go-to/betnow
BetOnline50% up to $1,000$50 USD in ฿
4.8 rating
BetOnline ReviewVisit Site/betonline-review//go-to/betonline
BetPhoenix50% up to $1000$50 USD in ฿
3.3 rating
Visit Site/go-to/betphoenix
BitcoinRushNone฿0.001 BTC
3.8 rating
Visit Site/go-to/bitcoinrush
Bookmaker15% up to $600$20 USD in ฿
4.8 rating
Bookmaker ReviewVisit Site/bookmaker-review//go-to/bookmaker
Heritage Sports50% up to $250$17 USD in ฿
4.3 rating
Heritage Sports ReviewVisit Site/heritage-sports-review//go-to/heritage-sports
HRWager200% up to $2,000$50 USD in ฿
3.8 rating
Visit Site/go-to/hrwager
Intertops50% up to $200$20 USD in ฿
4.8 rating
Intertops ReviewVisit Site/intertops-review//go-to/intertops
JazzSports15% up to $500$20 USD in ฿
3.5 rating
Visit Site/go-to/jazzsports
JustBet15% up to $600$10 USD in ฿
4.5 rating
Visit Site/go-to/justbet
LooseLines100% up to $500$100 USD in ฿
3.7 rating
Visit Site/go-to/looselines
MyBookie50% up to $1,000$45 USD in ฿
5.0 rating
MyBookie ReviewVisit Site/mybookie-review//go-to/mybookie
Nitrogen SportsNone฿0.0001 BTC
4.8 rating
Nitrogen Sports ReviewVisit Site/nitrogen-sports-review//go-to/nitrogen-sports
SBG Global20% up to $10,000$20 USD in ฿
2.6 rating
Visit Site/go-to/sbg-global
Skybook30% up to $500$50 USD in ฿
3.4 rating
Visit Site/go-to/skybook
SportsBetting.ag75% up to $1,000$50 USD in ฿
4.8 rating
4.8 ReviewVisit Site/sportsbetting-ag-review//go-to/
Sportsbook.ag50% up to $1,000$50 USD in ฿
2.0 rating
Visit Site/go-to/
WagerWeb55% up to $1,100$20 USD in ฿
4.5 rating
WagerWeb ReviewVisit Site/wagerweb-review//go-to/wagerweb
XBet100% up to $300$25 USD in ฿
4.2 rating
Visit Site/go-to/xbet
YouWager50% up to $1,000$25 USD in ฿
4.8 rating
YouWager ReviewVisit Site/youwager-review//go-to/youwager
Bovada50% up to $250$20 USD in ฿
5.0 rating
Bovada ReviewVisit Site/bovada-review//go-to/bovada
GTBets100% up to $500$35 USD in ฿
4.8 rating
GTBets ReviewVisit Site/gtbets-review//go-to/gtbets

About Betting with Bitcoin

The rise of cryptocurrencies – and Bitcoin specifically – has been the talk of the town in many different circles. From investors looking to make money on the rise to sports bettors finding a genuine use for the product, the financial vehicle of cryptocurrencies has gone from being a murky concept something that’s spread worldwide thanks to its genius functionality.

While many still wonder where it’s useful, sports bettors and sportsbooks have welcomed it with open arms. If you’re new to Bitcoin, we’ll do a brief intro into the cryptocurrency for you but in this article, we’re mostly going to focus in on why it’s so useful for Bitcoin sports betting.

Bitcoin and Bitcoin Sportsbooks FAQ

What Is Bitcoin?

Of course, the first and most common question about Bitcoin is what is it and how does it work? In short, it’s a digital currency. Each Bitcoin is a computer file, which is stored digitally either in a wallet, an app or an exchange. Using your wallet, you can send money back and forth to other people, or spend it with businesses if you’re making a purchase. Each transaction is recorded on a public ledger, which is called the blockchain. It’s safe and very secure.

Why is Bitcoin Smart Idea?

Put it this way: people are using cash less and less these days. For example: you might go buy groceries at the store and use your credit card. To pay off your credit card bill, you might use online banking. In reality, it’s not as if your credit card company is actually bringing physical cash to the grocery store at the end of each month and when you pay your bill, it’s not as if your bank is bringing physical cash to the credit card company. It’s all done digitally as balances get digitally adjusted up in one place and adjusted down in another.

Bitcoin kind of works the same way. If everyone can pay from their smartphones or with cards, then why not fully digitize a currency? In many respects, that’s what Bitcoin is. It’s one public system with a public ledger, making it easy to transfer money worldwide quickly with maximum security and minimal fees. That’s why it’s grown in popularity.

Why Is Bitcoin Great With Sportsbooks?

Sportsbooks have always had issues with the different banking regulations in various jurisdictions. That’s why – for some people – banking can be an issue when you deposit or withdraw with sportsbooks. Finding a method that’s easy, fast and low in fees can be a bit of a challenge.

For example, some banks that provide Visa and Mastercard easily function with sportsbooks. And then you might fight some other Visas and Mastercards that won’t work. Some books can accept Skrill or Neteller in certain countries and then there are others where they can’t. Sometimes a bank wire is transfer and sometimes it causes headaches.

Now if you cleared that entire ledger and just used Bitcoin, then it’s pretty clear that – almost across the board – it would work for everyone, everywhere. For both sides – the player and the customer – Bitcoin is a win as it allows you to avoid the traditional banking system, which isn’t always friendly to sports betting. That means that both players and sportsbooks can get their money faster with smaller fees. It’s a win-win situation. Just make sure you play at one of our trusted Bitcoin sportsbooks listed in the table above.

What About The Volatility of BTC to USD?

One of the most common things you’ll hear about Bitcoin is the volatility. While it’s true to an extent (it’s been much less volatile in recent months), the truth is that likely won’t impact you.

How it’s going to work is you’ll deposit money at an exchange in U.S. funds, convert it to Bitcoin and then once it’s sent to the sportsbook, convert it back to U.S. funds. And the same thing will happen on the way back: you’ll play in U.S. funds, exchange to Bitcoin when you withdraw, receive Bitcoin and then exchange it back to U.S. funds.

The whole process is fairly fast, so Bitcoin would have to jump hundreds or thousands of dollars one way or the other within a short period of time for you to lose (or gain) a lot of money. Typically, within the span of an hour – and sometimes for days – it’s pretty stable. For the most part, deposits and withdrawals are fee-free from the books, so even if Bitcoin costs you 1% or 2%, that’s still less than a bank wire or many other methods will cost you. And if you make the exchanges quickly, you probably won’t get hit very much.

On top of that, keep in mind that most sportsbooks will allow you to lock-in an exchange rate that is active for a certain period of time. It’s not long; maybe 15 minutes, or so, but that gives you more than enough time to ensure that the volatility doesn’t become a factor.

Do I Have To Buy A Full Bitcoin?

People often wonder if they have to buy a full Bitcoin to get in the game but that’s not the case. If 1 Bitcoin is equivalent to $15,000 U.S. dollars, you can buy a fraction of it. For example, if you want to buy $1500 to deposit $1500 into a sportsbook, you’d buy 0.1 Bitcoins and send that amount to the sportsbook. You don’t have to have $15,000 to buy a Bitcoin.

Can I Bet In Bitcoin?

Although it’s rare, there are sportsbooks that will allow crypto sports betting, which means you can do Bitcoin betting instead of exchanging the funds each time. It’s completely up to you but that option exists with a company like Nitrogen Sports. Most sportsbooks will simply allow you to send and receive Bitcoin, but will exchange it into U.S. Dollars when the money hits your account rather than provide a full platform for sports gambling with Bitcoin.

How Do You Get And Send Bitcoins?

If you’re planning to go forward with BTC sports betting, the last step is to open an account at an exchange. If you’re in North America, you have a number of options but we like Coinbase. It’s a very safe, stable company and they’ve been in this business since 2012. They made over a billion in revenue in 2017 and process transactions and storage in 190 countries.

Whether you use Coinbase or anyone else, what you’ll have to do is open an account with an exchange. It’s comparable to opening up a PayPal account: you’ll open your account, verify your identity and link it to a bank account. Once that’s done, transfer some money in and then you can buy some Bitcoin at whatever the current price is.
Once you’ve acquired some Bitcoin, you can then send it to any address. It’s important to be very specific with the address – you can’t make any mistakes. One small typo could send the address to the wrong place and you can’t reverse a transaction, so make sure you double-check. Typically, a crypto sportsbook will provide the exact address, so just copy-paste it as to avoid any errors.

To receive Bitcoin, check your account profile (on your exchange) to get your address. Again, copy-paste that address when you’re giving it to the bitcoin betting websites and make sure to be exact. Once they have that, they’ll be able to send money directly to you.

There was a time when people didn’t quite understand what PayPal was and not too long ago, many were worried about buying things online. Now it’s hard to believe what life was like without it. That’s kind of the same path that Bitcoin is taking and while it’s still early in its infancy, cryptocurrencies are here to stay. There’s a small learning curve when you get started but after you’ve made one or two transactions, you’ll be quite comfortable with it and you’ll probably avoid using credit cards, bank transfers or any other banking methods to get money in and out of the sportsbook going forward.