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There are a lot of online sportsbook options out there but the difference from best to worst is sizable. The top online sportsbooks offer an excellent experience – both on desktop and mobile – along with great customer service and fast payouts. The worst of sportsbooks will give you a limited selection of lines, a clunky website and a withdrawals process that may lead you to ripping your hair out.

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Top Online Sportsbooks in the United States

We’ve done a thorough, comprehensive review of all of the US sportsbooks and the following bookies are the ones that we suggest you to stick to. All of the below sportsbooks allow US citizens to sign up. To that end, these are the best online sportsbook options for US gamblers looking to open an account:

#5 – YouWager

Best Online Sportsbooks in 2024

Once known as primarily an American betting site, YouWager emerged as an international player in sports betting in July 2019. The company changed its primary domain from to (you can still use but you’ll just get redirected), and began covering soccer competitions all over Europe, more live betting a whole host of new sports betting sections. This has significantly expanded the online sportsbook’s betting markets and YouWager’s popularity.

YouWager Sportsbook is completely legitimate as they hold a gaming license in the country of Costa Rica. That allows them to accept bets from all around the world. The Costa Rica Commerce Industry Ministry oversees their operations to make sure everything is on the up and up, and they have allowed them to accept bets from players in the United States, Canada, Europe and almost everywhere else around the world. It’s a fully safe and secure website to use for sports betting.

Deposit bonuses and ongoing bonuses are a big incentive for many customers when choosing a sportsbook and YouWager EU has plenty to offer in this regard. They offer a welcome bonus of 50% on an initial deposit of $100-$1000, which comes with a 10x rollover. Beyond that, they offer a reload bonus of 20% on deposits from $100-$2000 with a 4.5x rollover. Keep in mind that these are free play bonuses.

  • Heritage Sports Minimum Deposit: $20
  • Heritage Sports Minimum Internet Bet: $1
  • Read our complete review of Heritage Sports: YouWager Review
  • Sign up with YouWager Sportsbook: Go to Site

#4 – Bookmaker

Best Online Sportsbooks in 2024

BookMaker is one of the best sportsbook brands in the industry. Part of the BetCris family, they’re both known for opening the line early and accepting big bets. They don’t shy away from booking the pros, so you can trust that you’ll always get large deposit and bet limits with this company.

In terms of the sports wagering lines, this is a sportsbook for professionals run by professionals, so you’re going to find a big menu here. Not only are their lines up early, they usually have the biggest variety of betting options across the board. Taking a quick look at their categories, you’ll see that you can bet everything from things like NFL to UFC down to exotics like The Oscars, politics and more.

They have a huge selection of games for live betting as they really don’t cut any corners here. On a given Sunday, we found everything from the regular NFL action, NHL games, Women’s NCAA soccer, Israeli Super League and much more. If you’re looking for in-game betting, this is one of the best places for it.

The deposit bonus is the weakest part of the book. It’s not bad as you can get a 25% bonus up to $500 if you deposit with cryptocurrency or a 15% bonus up to $600 with all other methods. However, a number of their competitors sweeten the pot a little bit more for new customers.

Bonus aside, this is still one of the first sportsbooks we point to when people ask what is the best online bookies for players to use.

  • BookMaker Minimum Deposit: $10
  • BookMaker Minimum Internet Bet: $1
  • Read our complete review of Bookmaker: BookMaker Review
  • Sign up with BookMaker Sportsbook: Go to Site

#3 – MyBookie

MyBookie is one of the newer online sportsbooks but they’ve quickly developed a strong reputation in the sports betting community. They offer a good overall package along with a good selection of betting lines and solid customer service.

Starting with the deposit bonus, offers one of the best in the business with a 50% welcome bonus up to $1000. They’ll also give you a $20 risk-free bet and 25% up to $500 on reloads, but that’s just where it starts. They offer up all sorts of other incentives like deposit bonuses for casino players, rebates for horse racing action and various other boosts.

In terms of the betting lines, we found MyBookie to have an excellent selection. Of course, they’ve got all of the major sports covered from top-to-bottom, but they also go above and beyond by posting all sorts of props. From prop bets related to the games to all sorts of exotics like on reality shows, entertainment and a whole lot more, we enjoyed perusing their big menu of unique lines.

In terms of their customer service, we had no problem reaching out to them via their many channels. You can call them, you can request a call, you can send an e-mail or you can live chat. They’re staff is trained in sports betting, so we found placing a bet over the phone to be quite smooth. And they know what they’re doing with any other general issues you’ll encounter.

Overall, MyBookie has done a great job of making up ground on the industry leaders in a short period of time. That’s why they’re one of our most recommended online sportsbooks.

  • MyBookie Minimum Deposit: $45
  • MyBookie Minimum Internet Bet: $10
  • Read our complete review of MyBookie: MyBookie Review
  • Sign up with MyBookie Sportsbook: Go to Site

#2 – BetOnline


BetOnline sportsbook is one of the industry leaders online. Established in 2001, this has long been one of the best online bookmakers among experienced players.

To start off, they offer a welcome bonus up to $1,000, which ranks among the substantial incentives you’ll see. They’re also always offering ongoing promotions whether it’s contests for current players, money for referring a friend or reload bonuses.

Beyond the bonuses, what makes BetOnline such a popular choice is the product itself: the betting lines. Across the board, they’re one of the first to have the lines up on all events, they have a huge array of live betting lines (lines up on all of the live events, not just a few here and there) and they’re always offering some fun, topical props to bet on related to the hot topics of the day. Even if you’re looking to bet on entertainment props like reality shows or political props for elections, BetOnline will have odds up on those events; that’s not common across all books

This is one of the online bookies with a rock-solid reputation, which means you’ll never have to worry about the safety of your money. Deposits are easy and fast, and withdrawals are a breeze. This is one of the best places you can play.

  • BetOnline Minimum Deposit: $50
  • BetOnline Minimum Internet Bet: $1
  • Read our complete review of BetOnline: BetOnline Review
  • Sign up at BetOnline Sportsbook: Go to Site

#1 – Bovada


Similar to BetOnline, Bovada has earned the trust not just of our editors but the gambling community as whole to become one of the best sportsbook websites. If BetOnline is a Mercedes, Bovada is a BMW. Similar to BetOnline, you’ll never have to worry about the safety of your money as this company has been steadfast since opening in 2011. They offer plenty of banking methods to get your money in and out, and their payouts arrive quickly. Furthermore, their odds are frequently being used and referenced by places like ESPN, Sports Illustrated and CBS, which gives you a good picture of how well-known they are.

In terms of the product, Bovada has a very sleek-looking website that’s great both on desktop and mobile. Our experience with the site is that the design, graphics and aesthetics make this is one of the top shops in that regard. The functionality on mobile is fantastic as you can tell that they’ve really dedicated some time to make sure the user experience is smooth. Whether you’re new to sports betting or a veteran, you’ll find navigation to be really intuitive.

As for the betting line variety, Bovada is on-point in this regard as well. They have lines on everything that moves and offer fantastic live, in-game betting. They also offer a huge array of fun props, which is something we particularly love.

With great customer service to back it all up, this one of the best online sportsbook for US players as well as players from anywhere to place their bets.

  • Bovada Minimum Deposit: $20
  • Bovada Minimum Internet Bet: $1
  • Read our complete review of Bovada: Bovada Review
  • Sign up at Bovada Sportsbook: Go to Site

Categorically, what is the best sportsbook for…

Props: 5Dimes
Live Betting: BetOnline
New First-Time Players: Bovada
Sharp Bettors: BookMaker
Widest Selection Of Futures: BetOnline
Mobile Experience: Bovada
Privacy: Nitrogen Sports
Reduced Juice: BookMaker
Customer Service: BetOnline
Initial Deposit Bonus: BetOnline
Best Bitcoin Sportsbook: Nitrogen Sports
Fast Payouts: BetOnline

Runners Up:

Not every sportsbook can make it onto our list of best sportsbooks. However, here are some other very solid choices:

Nitrogen Sports

Nitrogen Sports
Nitrogen Sports

Sometimes players worry about the safety of their information online, which is what paved the way for NitrogenSports. It’s a sportsbook where you can play with anonymity as they do a better job than anyone else of protecting your information. They’re great with Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals – probably the best overall – and that highlights their focus on privacy and anonymity. In an era where credit companies get hacked and social media sites know everything about you, it’s nice to have a place to play where you can be anonymous and not worry about your data getting out there. They’ve been doing this since 2012, so they’ve been ahead of the curve on this for many years.

Beyond that layer of privacy, NitrogenSports has a pretty good product behind it. They have several deposit and withdrawals options, but not surprisingly, Bitcoin is going to be among the top choices. They offer betting lines on all of the majors, including the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB. If you want to dabble in off-the-cuff things like eSports and the Golden Globes, they’ll have that available for you too.

  • Nitrogen Sports Minimum Deposit: 0.0001 BTC
  • Nitrogen Sports Minimum Internet Bet: 0.0001 BTC
  • Read our complete review of Nitrogen Sports: Nitrogen Sports Review
  • Sign up at Nitrogen Sports Sportsbook: Go to Site


BetNow Review

BetNow is an ideal sportsbook for those looking to wager a little more on the games. They have massive deposit limits – especially for online – as they’ll accept $2500 deposits with a credit card and up to $40,000 with Bitcoin. In terms of the game-day limits, you can bet up to $10,000 on NFL and $5,000 on college, NBA and MLB. We tested out their deposit limits and wanted to pass along that if you have a relationship with them and speak to customer service, they’ll even push these limits higher.

BetNow is also quite generous with their welcome bonus as they offer up 50% up to $1000 on your initial deposit. The eight-time rollover is higher than the average, so keep that in mind. However, it is a sizable bonus. You can also pick up 10% for referring a friend and 15% on all subsequent reload bonuses. They do a really good job with promotions here as you’ll find big contests ($500,000 Thanksgiving Contest), monthly promos like ‘No Vig November’ and various other incentives where you can add to your bankroll.

In terms of the betting lines, everything that you’d want is on the board at BetNow. They have everything from the majors down to the minor leagues covered, and they even have some really cool features like the “prop builder” where you can create your own props and they’ll price them out for you.

Overall, this is among the most reliable online sportsbook options available to you.

  • BetNow Minimum Deposit: $20
  • BetNow Minimum Internet Bet: $1
  • Read our complete review of BetNow: BetNow Review
  • Sign up with BetNow Sportsbook: Go to Site Review

Part of the same family as, this is a book with a great reputation. We found a lot of similarities between and and that’s mostly a good thing. This gives you another out in case you are looking for another sportsbook to shop around for in terms of the betting lines.

In terms of the line variety, you’ll find a huge selection on the menu with all of the major sports covered. They have live betting for all of the games on all of the major North American sports and then they go beyond that with tennis, soccer and much more. And if you’re looking for good props, there are plenty at SportsBetting ranging from sports to reality shows to politics.

The payouts at are reliable and fast, so you’ll never have to worry about your money. Overall, this is a solid shop.

  • SportsBetting Minimum Deposit: $50
  • SportsBetting Minimum Internet Bet: $1
  • Read our complete review of Review
  • Sign up at SportsBetting Sportsbook: Go to Site


GTBets Logo

Game Time Bets, known as GTBets for short, has long been a popular choice in bettors circle. The website itself is simple and straightforward – there aren’t too many bells and whistles – but it gets the job done. That’s what a lot of gamblers want: speed and simplicity. That’s a lot of what you’ll get here.

Upon an initial deposit, GTBets hooks up new players with a 100% bonus up to $500 and they’ll still give you bonuses on your first reload too. They make banking quite easy with multiple methods to move your money around. Their customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365, so you can always reach out if you get stuck or need some assistance.

It’s an ideal book for a casual bettor who is looking for good live betting, good customer service and a good overall experience.

  • GTBets Minimum Deposit: $35
  • GTBets Minimum Internet Bet: $1
  • Read our complete review of GTBets: GTBets Review
  • Sign up at GTBets Sportsbook: Go to Site


Intertops Review

One of the earliest online sportsbooks, they’ve been running their show since 1998. Their long-standing reputation is pristine as most sportsbooks weren’t even around when they started. They’ve done a good job of evolving with the times too as they’re not some outdated dinosaur.

Intertops has loads of betting lines on all of the major events. Of course, they carry the usual moneylines, spreads and over-unders but they have lots of exotics, props and futures too. They even have some cool features like the community consensus, which allows you to see where the action is on the games (with percentages).

Banking is a breeze with Intertops as they offer 15 different ways for you to deposit your funds and at least 10 different methods to get your money out. In general, payouts are a smooth process and you can mostly get everything done online these days.

If you’re looking for a book with a great reputation in the community, Intertops is definitely in the conversation.

  • Intertops Minimum Deposit: $20
  • Intertops Minimum Internet Bet: $1
  • Read our complete review of Intertops: Intertops Review
  • Sign up at Intertops Sportsbook: Go to Site



Most people don’t realize this about WagerWeb but they’re one of the pioneers of online sports betting. They’ve actually been in business since 1994. The fact that they’ve been around so long, serving the community so well while getting so many quality reviews should tell you everything you need to know.

One of the key highlights at WagerWeb is the deposit bonus as they give you a few ways to go with it. You can get a cash bonus of 20% or take a 100% free play bonus. The 18-time rollover is incredibly extreme but at least you can get free withdrawals.

Another highlight at WagerWeb is the customer service as they are usually on top of things. Payouts fly out door, the staff is well-trained to handle requests and there are rarely hiccups that they can’t help with. They’re a strong choice for online players.

  • WagerWeb Minimum Deposit: $20
  • WagerWeb Minimum Internet Bet: $2
  • Read our complete review of WagerWeb: WagerWeb Review
  • Sign up at WagerWeb Sportsbook: Go to Site

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