Best College Basketball Betting Sites

There are a number of great options when it comes to betting on NCAAB matchups. Here is a look at our favorite sites for betting on college basketball:

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BetUS is a popular online sportsbook with a reputation for offering generous bonuses rapid payouts and high-quality odds.
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Bovada is one of the best betting sites available online. Get a 75% bonus up to $750 with a Bitcoin deposit or a 50% bonus up to $250 with a cash deposit. We love their fast payouts, live odds and a huge selection of betting lines.
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Although MyBookie is one of the newer ones to the market (2014), they’ve wasted little time carving itself out a name among the best sportsbooks out there right now.
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SportsBetting offers one of the highest bonuses for first-time deposits as new players receive 50% bonus to a maximum of $1,000. On top of that, you can get a a $50 mobile free play and a $25 risk-free bet.
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Thunderpick is the ideal place for those looking to bet on esports or regular sports and use cryptocurrency. They have a huge array of esports betting options like DOTA, Valorant and Call of Duty to go along with all of the pro sports like NFL, NBA and UFC.
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The best college basketball betting sites online are:

  • Bovada – The best college basketball betting site for first time gamblers.
  • BetOnline – Impressive reload bonuses for NCAAB bets.
  • MyBookie – Best mobile platform for college basketball betting.
  • BookMaker – One of the most reliable NCAAB gambling sites.
  • YouWager – Offers some of the best NCAAB betting lines.


College basketball can be a wildly unpredictable sport. That’s what makes it so much fun. If it was predictable, they surely wouldn’t use a word like that to describe it.

However, if you follow just a few tips, you can help improve your chances of winning. Here are a few college basketball betting tips:

  1. Do Your Homework
    Make sure you read the game previews, study the matchups and dive into the stats. There are some well-known sites like where you can get a basic rundown and general picks, and you can use sites like that give you advanced stats on all of the teams. You really want to have a good read on the game before betting it.
  2. Don’t Bet Every Game
    Of course, it can be exciting to have some action on all of the games but the key here is to find out where you have an edge. If you’re betting a game just because it’s on television, that’s where things start to go awry. Stick to the games where you studied the lines and the matchup, and determined that one side has an edge. You want to make calculated decisions with sports betting and not just coin-flip guesses.
  3. Get The Best Betting Line
    Make sure you shop around. Almost always, the best NCAAB betting sites will have different NCAA basketball lines on the games. Let’s say you’re betting Duke and they’re -2.5 at MyBookie but they’re -3 at BetOnline and -2 at Bovada. If you’re betting Duke, you want to bet them at Bovada to increase your chances of winning. If you’re betting their opponent, you’ll want to bet at BetOnline to get the most points. That’s a big key to succeeding.


Let’s dive right into an example of what happens here:

Arkansas is favored by five points over Texas A&M. However, nine minutes into the game, Texas A&M takes a 12-point lead. This means that for Arkansas to cover the five-point spread, the Razorbacks need to make up not just the 12-point deficit, but six more points. Arkansas needs to swing the game 18 points in its favor if it is going to cover.

If you bet on Arkansas to win by more than the five-point spread, you might realize that you are going to lose the original bet you made before the game. Live betting gives you the chance to make an in-game bet to reduce or eliminate the amount of money you lost on your original bet. This isn’t necessarily a bet on Texas A&M. You might get an adjusted in-game line with Texas A&M being a 1-point favorite. You might bet on Arkansas to cover that one-point line in favor of A&M. In that case, Arkansas has to swing 14 points from the 12-point deficit, not 18. You still think Arkansas will win the game outright, but Arkansas just has to win by one point, not by six, to cover.

There can also be a half-specific bet you can make during a game. Let’s say Texas A&M leads by 10 at halftime. You might not think Arkansas will win the game outright, but you might be convinced Arkansas will make the game a lot closer. You might see an online betting opportunity in which BetOnline or another outlet like MyBookie enables you to bet on Arkansas minus-6 in the second half. This means if Arkansas outscores Texas A&M by 7 or more points in the second half, you win that bet for the second half. Arkansas might lose the game outright by three points, but if it outscores A&M by seven and you had Arkansas -6 in the second half, you win. Live betting gives you these kinds of “hedge your bet” opportunities.

You can get similar action not just on half-specific bets or adjusted college basketball spreads, but also on adjusted totals, referring to the amount of points which will be scored by one team or both teams in a game. You can bet on whether teams will go over or under those numerical totals, hence the term “over-under bet.”

You can also place a moneyline bet, referring to the outright winner of a college basketball game. You can also bet on player stats – which player will have the most rebounds, points, etc., or over-under totals on player points and other stats.

College Basketball Vegas Betting vs Online College Basketball Bets

This is a lot less complicated than it sounds: online NCAAB betting sites get their own betting action. The money coming in on bets at one college sports betting site will be different from the money coming in on bets at another gambling site. The NCAA basketball betting lines move (or don’t move) based on the individual sports betting sites's action, not based on what happens at other bookies. You can either shop around from site to site or visit our College Basketball Odds page to get the best line to increase your chances of winning. That’s very hard to do while betting on Las Vegas college basketball lines bets but quite easy to do if you’re betting online.

College Basketball Betting FAQ

Where is NCAA basketball betting legal in the United States?

Betting on college basketball is legal in the United States. Sportsbooks like BetOnlineMyBookie and Bovada are all licensed in their jurisdiction and operate taking college basketball bets from countries around the world.

Where can I bet on college basketball?

The easiest way to bet on college basketball is online. There are sportsbooks like BetOnlineBookMaker and MyBookie that have betting lines on every single college basketball game as well as live, in-game betting on all of the games too.

How do you bet on college basketball?

You can bet college basketball by selecting the outright winner of the game (moneyline), betting the point spread (margin of victory) or the over-under (the combined score of the two teams in the game).