UFC and MMA Money Line

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UFC Odds, Moneylines, Totals And Props
Always Shop Around For The Best MMA Odds

One of the reasons we created this page is so that you can see all of the different MMA odds on the board and compare between the sportsbooks. Different books will have different fight odds and you want to make sure you’re getting the best MMA fight odds for each bet.

It literally costs you nothing to have accounts at different sportsbooks, so it’s good practice to do exactly that. If two sportsbooks have two different prices on a fight, you want to make sure you’re getting the best price and maximizing your payout. Otherwise, you’re simply going to win less on a bet or potentially lose more by getting a worse price.

Understanding UFC or MMA Odds

When you’re looking at the UFC lines, you’re mostly dealing with American odds. You’re going to see a betting line that looks like this:

Nate Diaz +250
Conor McGregor -300

What you see here is two fighters with separate UFC betting odds on each. In this type of bet, you have to decide who’ll win the fight and who you want to bet on.

The next key is to notice the signs in front of the UFC fight odds. If it’s a plus sign, that indicates how much you win if you bet $100. If you see a minus sign, that indicates how much you’d have to bet to win $100. With Diaz, a $100 bet pays $250 if he wins. With McGregor, you’d have to bet $300 to win $100.

Moneyline Betting

3 Quick UFC Betting Tips For The Moneyline

  1. Take note of each fighter’s recent momentum. Is one on a roll? Has one struggled? Is one making their UFC debut? These are all keys to determining the winner on the MMA lines.
  2. Consider the fight styles. If one guy is a grappler and one guy prefers to keep the fight standing, that’s a contrast in styles. Who’ll have the edge at that point?
  3. Examine opponent history. Has one fighter fought the best of the best? And has the other fought some easy, unproven and unknown opponents? This paints a certain picture. Go through each fighter’s history to get a better idea.

UFC Totals

If you’re not exactly sure who is going to win the fight, another option is to bet on the total. What this amounts to is betting on the length of the fight via an over-under that the oddsmakers set. Here is an example:

Diaz vs McGregor
Over 1.5 Rounds
Under 1.5 Rounds

In this bet, what you’re being prompted is to predict whether the fight will last longer than 1.5 rounds or whether it will be finished before then. If you think it will be a quick knockout, bet the under. If you think the fight will go the distance and the judges will decide, bet the over.

Keep in mind that the halfway mark of the round is at two minutes and 30 seconds, so if an over-under is set at 1.5, that means it’s one full round plus halfway into the second round.

Betting the Total

UFC Props

One of the other ways that you can wager on the UFC betting lines is through props. Props gives you the opportunity to earn a bigger payout if you’re more specific with your picks. For example, with the moneyline, you can bet on McGregor to win. With props, you could bet on McGregor to win via knockout. Of course, you have a smaller window of winning but you’ll earn a bigger payday if you’re right. Here are some options that you can bet on for props:

  • Win By Decision – this means it goes to the judges’ scorecards and doesn’t end before then.
  • Win By Knockout – the fight must end by knockout or technical knockout.
  • Win By Submission – the fight must end with one fighter submitting the other.
  • With By Disqualification – one fighter must be disqualified.

There are other props that you can bet where you choose which round the fight ends or choose both the method and the round. Of course, those are riskier propositions but will earn you a bigger payday.

See: Prop Betting


What do the odds mean in the UFC?

The odds for a UFC fight indicate what the oddsmakers project each fighter’s chances of winning are. They also tell you what the payout will be for each fighter if you bet on them.

How do betting odds work in the UFC?

You’ll see odds with a minus or plus sign in front. If a fighter is -250, for example, that means a $250 bet will pay $100 if it wins. On the other hand, if a fighter is +200, that means a $100 bet will pay $200 if that fighter wins.

Can you bet on UFC fights online?

Yes, you can bet on UFC fights online. Two of the best sportsbooks are at BetOnline and Bovada. Both offer lines on every UFC fight and you can even live-bet the fights, which means wagering on them as they’re happening.

Where can I bet on the UFC?

You can bet on the UFC either at land-based sportsbooks or at online sportsbooks. Land-based sportsbooks means you’ll have to physically go there. Online sportsbooks allow you to open accounts and bet from anywhere at anytime.

How do odds work in the MMA?

You can bet on UFC fights in many ways at online sportsbooks. You can bet on who’ll win the fight, you can bet on how they’ll win the fight (knockout, submission, judges scorecards) and you can bet on how long the fight will last.

Does Bovada have MMA?

Bovada has MMA odds up on every single UFC card. You can bet on which fighter will win the fight, what method and even bet on how long the fight will last.

How are UFC odds calculated?

UFC odds are calculated based on a number of factors: each fighter’s history, how they’ll match up in the fight, their momentum going into the fight and measurements like age, reach, weight and more.

Where can I bet on MMA online?

You can bet on MMA at online sportsbooks like BovadaBetOnline5DimesHeritage Sports and more. A sportsbook like BetOnline has lines up one very UFC fight of every UFC card, and they’ll also carry Bellator odds and other MMA too.