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5Dimes Review
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Avg. Rating: 77%


  • Well established with 20+ years of experience.
  • The fastest and most reliable payouts.
  • High winning players have never been banned.
  • Known for the best Reduced Juice


  • Very dated look and feel to the website
  • Small deposit bonus
  • Reduced Juice restrictions for winning players

5Dimes Sportsbook Review

5Dimes Sportsbook has long been one of the best sportsbooks online. While they might not do as much marketing as Bovada or BetOnline, their overall product deserves high marks. We love their huge selection of betting lines, high betting limits and a wide variety of bonuses. Although with top-notch customer service, they’ve developed one of the best reputations in the industry.

While the website itself can be a bit plain, the betting variety is what is most remarkable as 5Dimes offers more props and futures than almost anyone else. While companies like Bovada might have them beat on props related to entertainment or reality shows, 5Dimes has more props and futures on major sports than almost any other company.

If you’re looking for a big that accepts high limits, has fast payouts and solid deposit bonuses, 5Dimes is a sportsbook we often point to for players to open an account. As we start our full review of 5Dimes, let’s take a closer look at some of the most common questions bettors ask about this betting site:

Is 5Dimes a Safe and Legitimate Sports Betting Site?

Yes, 5Dimes is a perfectly safe and legitimate sports betting site. They’ve been in business since 1998 and some of our editors have used them for nearly that entire time. Whenever the topic of reliable sportsbooks comes up in betting circles, 5Dimes is in the conversation as having one of the best reputations.

To build up such a reputable global reputation, 5Dimes has built a solid foundation by acquiring licenses in different jurisdictions, so that they can offer legal sports betting, poker and casino action. They’re regulated by different third parties as well, ensuring that they’re constantly running a good, clean operation.

Is 5Dimes legal in the USA?

With the expansion of sports betting in the United States with a few of them legalizing it, there has been some confusion as to which books are legal. To answer it clearly: it is legal to bet with 5Dimes. They’re operating offshore, which means they’re not subject to the U.S. laws. That means they can accept U.S. players from across the country.

Is 5Dimes Legal in my State?

As mentioned, 5Dimes does accept players from the United States and it is legal to bet with 5Dimes if you’re in the USA. Some sportsbooks restrict players from certain states but 5Dimes is open for action across the board.

What is the Legal Age to Bet at 5Dimes?

Although some sportsbooks won’t allow players to play unless their 21 years of age, 5Dimes is able to offer some flexibility. As long as you’re 18 years or older, you’re able to open an account and bet at 5Dimes.

The difference here is that 5Dimes is not based in the United States. Instead, they are based in San Jose, Costa Rica, which means they have to follow the laws of that country. In Costa Rica, the gambling laws state that players have to be at least 18 years or older, which is what 5Dimes abides by.

5Dimes Deposit Bonus

One of the cool things with the 5Dimes bonus program is that you can get a variety of different options when you make your initial deposit. Most books only offer one type, so it’s not really much of a choice. At 5Dimes, we enjoy the variety as different players will have different goals.

For example, you can simple ask for the regular deposit bonus, which gives you a 50% bonus up to $520. Or you can opt to go down some different avenues such getting a cash back account or a low juice account. What that cash back means is you’ll get 10% back on your losses, so that serves as kind of an insurance policy. Alternately, you can request a reduced juice account, which means you’ll be able to get a better price on the betting lines.

How Are The Betting Lines at 5Dimes?

The betting lines at 5Dimes are among the best in the business. What makes them fun to use is they offer a slew of betting props and futures on the major sports. For example, we find ourselves sifting through their NFL futures each year as you can always find good value with the Make/Miss Playoff props or Win/Loss The Division. 5Dimes is one of the few books that carries lines like that.

In terms of all of the regular stuff, we’re quite pleased with the general meat-and-potatoes. That variety of props and futures, though, is virtually unique to them, which is why it’s always good to have a 5Dimes account.


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5Dimes Betting Website

5Dimes website is a bit plain and old school, which – on the surface – might turn some bettors off. However, we’ve actually enjoyed using it as it’s simple and fast. When you log in, you’ll see the betting categories on the left-hand side and the lines will reveal in the middle. As you make your selection, you simply enter your stake and then confirm.

Some people may want their sportsbook website to look a little sleeker but the experience bettor isn’t there for the aesthetics. They’re there for the action. In that regard, 5Dimes does well as it’s really easy to get in and out, and then go watch the games.

What Deposit Methods are Accepted at 5Dimes?

5Dimes has always done a great job with banking methods, which makes it easy to get your money in and out of your account. The easiest method these days is Bitcoin, which 5Dimes accepts, but your other options for deposits are Visa, person-to-person transfers, money orders and sportsbook-to-sportsbook transfers.

In terms of the minimums, you’re looking at a $50 minimum with Visa, $25 for Bitcoin, $100 for person-to-person and money orders, and $500 for sportsbook-to-sportsbook transfer. In terms of the other end, they have high maximums as there is no max for money orders and with Bitcoin, you can move up to $10,000.

How to Withdraw Money From 5Dimes?

In terms of going the other way, 5Dimes offers a few more options. You’ll still have access to Bitcoin, money order, person-to-person and sportsbook transfer, but you can also just get a cashier’s check in the mail or ask for a bank wire.

In terms of fees, you’re looking at variable amounts for person-to-person and cashier’s checks (between $40-$80), while money orders and bank wires are $80. Sportsbook-to-sportsbook transfers are free as well as Bitcoin.

Typically, Bitcoin is not only your fastest method, it’s also your cheapest as there are no fees incurred with 5Dimes. If you haven’t gotten into cryptocurrencies just yet, open up a Coinbase account and you’ll get an idea of how easy they are to work with.

Overall, in our experience with their payouts, we’ve found 5Dimes to be top-notch in terms of service. You never have to worry about your money with this book as they’re always fast with the payouts.

What Makes 5Dimes A Top Rated Betting Site?

5Dimes has one of the best reputations in the industry for three main reasons: an excellent variety of betting lines, a nice variety of bonuses and a pristine reputation. In terms of the betting lines, they have a huge selection of props and futures on the major North American sports, which few other books will match. For example, that might include lines like to win/lose the Super Bowl or to make/miss the playoffs for every NFL team. They’re one of the few places that offers that. As far as their bonuses go, you have a variety of options when you sign up to choose from. You can take a traditional deposit bonus, ask for cash back on your losses or have a low juice account. That puts you in control of what you want. Lastly, in terms of their reputation, they get straight A’s almost across the board from every review site. Players love playing at 5Dimes and you will too.

5Dimes Customer Service: How To Contact and is it Reliable?

5Dimes operators are readily available to help assist at any time of day as you can either call, e-mail or chat. Even using e-mails, we found that they responded to everything in the same day. For more immediate assistance, use the other two methods.

If you want to call 5Dimes, their phone number seven different numbers you can call. For new accounts, dial 1-877-332-7501. For customer service, dial 1-800-430-5896, 1-800-305-3517, 1-800-243-7890. Lastly, for sports wagering, you can call 1-866-924-3772, 1-800-442-0151 or 1-877-800-7529.

To e-mail 5Dimes, send your notes to info@5dimes.eu.

5Dimes Average Review
Avg. Rating: 77%

Rated By:

TheSportsGeek.com: 80%

MyTopSportsbooks.com: 75%

SportsBettingDime.com: 56%

OddsShark.com: 70%

SportsbookReview.com: 100%

GamblingSites.com: 80%


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