5Dimes Review

5Dimes Review

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Notice:5Dimes Exits US Market
You can read our original review below when 5Dimes still operated in the US Market and had a high rating. In September 2020 5Dimes was visited by the Feds for money laundering and fined millions of dollars. They still operate outside the USA. Given that 5Dimes have misled their customers into thinking they have temporarily suspended their US operations while they wait to acquire a US license (they were previously licensed in Costa Rica), Sportsbook Audit has taken action to downgrade this sportsbook. We recommend one of the following sportsbooks instead:

5.0 rating
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5Dimes Sportsbook Review

5Dimes Sportsbook has long been one of the best sportsbooks online. While they might not do as much marketing as Bovada or BetOnline, their overall product deserves high marks. We love their huge selection of betting lines, high betting limits and a wide variety of bonuses. Although with top-notch customer service, they’ve developed one of the best reputations in the industry.

While the website itself can be seen as a bit plain, the betting variety is what is most remarkable as 5Dimes offers more props and futures than almost anyone else. While companies like Bovada might have them beat on props related to entertainment or reality shows, 5Dimes has more props and futures on major sports than almost any other company. This is also a sportsbook that welcomes sharp action. While some other places might give players the boot if they win too much, 5Dimes not only accepts big bets but they also accept action from the pros. That’s a really good sign.

If you’re looking for a big that accepts high limits, has fast payouts and solid deposit bonuses, 5Dimes is a sportsbook we often point to for players to open an account. As we start our full review of 5Dimes, let’s take a closer look at some of the most common questions bettors ask about this betting site:

5Dimes Home Page
5Dimes Home Page

Is 5Dimes a Safe and Legitimate Sports Betting Site?

Yes, 5Dimes is a perfectly safe and legitimate sports betting site. They’ve been in business since 1998 and some of our editors have used them for nearly that entire time. Whenever the topic of reliable sportsbooks comes up in betting circles, 5Dimes is in the conversation as having one of the best reputations.

To build up such a reputable global reputation, 5Dimes has built a solid foundation by acquiring licenses in different jurisdictions, so that they can offer legal sports betting, poker and casino action. They’re regulated by different third parties as well, ensuring that they’re constantly running a good, clean operation.

5Dimes Deposit Bonus and Ongoing Bonuses

One of the cool things with the 5Dimes bonus program is that you can get a variety of different options when you make your initial deposit. Most books only offer one type, so it’s not really much of a choice. At 5Dimes, we enjoy the variety as different players will have different goals. You have a number of options, which include:

  • Regular deposit bonus, which gives you a 50% bonus up to $520
  • Cash back account, which gives you up to 20% cash back on your losses
  • 30% Super Save Reward, which gives you -107 lines and bigger parlay payouts
  • Points Mover Special, which gives you the opportunity to move lines at a lowered cost
  • Low Juice account, which gives you low juice across the sportsbook

When looking at their ongoing promotions, there is more in the casino section then with the sportsbook. However, you will find some contests from time to time for loyal customers – usually relating to events like March Madness, the Super Bowl, etc. – and some reload bonuses from time to time.

5Dimes Bonuses
5Dimes Bonuses

Deposit Methods and Withdrawal Methods Accepted At 5Dimes

5Dimes has always done a great job with banking methods, which makes it easy to get your money in and out of your account. The easiest method these days is Bitcoin, which 5Dimes accepts, but your other options for deposits are Visa, person-to-person transfers, money orders and sportsbook-to-sportsbook transfers.

In terms of the minimums, you’re looking at a $50 minimum with Visa, $25 for Bitcoin, $100 for person-to-person and money orders, and $500 for sportsbook-to-sportsbook transfer. In terms of the other end, they have high maximums as there is no max for money orders and with Bitcoin, you can move up to $10,000.

Deposit Methods
Credit Card
Person to Person
Electronic Check
Sportsbook Transfer
Account to Account

How to Withdraw Money From 5Dimes?

In terms of going the other way, 5Dimes offers a few more options. You’ll still have access to Bitcoin, money order, person-to-person and sportsbook transfer, but you can also just get a cashier’s check in the mail or ask for a bank wire.

In terms of fees, you’re looking at variable amounts for person-to-person and cashier’s checks (between $40-$80), while money orders and bank wires are $80. Sportsbook-to-sportsbook transfers are free as well as Bitcoin.

Typically, Bitcoin is not only your fastest method, it’s also your cheapest as there are no fees incurred with 5Dimes. If you haven’t gotten into cryptocurrencies just yet, open up a Coinbase account and you’ll get an idea of how easy they are to work with.

Overall, in our experience with their payouts, we’ve found 5Dimes to be top-notch in terms of service. You never have to worry about your money with this book as they’re always fast with the payouts.

Withdrawal Methods
Person to Person
Cashiers Check
Money Order
Bank Wire
Sportsbook Transfer
Account to Account

5Dimes Betting Website Review

5Dimes website is a bit plain and old school, which – on the surface – might turn some bettors off. However, we’ve actually enjoyed using it as it’s simple and fast. When you log in, you’ll see the betting categories on the left-hand side and the lines will reveal in the middle. As you make your selection, you simply enter your stake and then confirm.

Some people may want their sportsbook website to look a little sleeker but the experience bettor isn’t there for the aesthetics. They’re there for the action. In that regard, 5Dimes does well as it’s really easy to get in and out, and then go watch the games.

5Dimes Betting Website
5Dimes Betting Website

How Are Their Betting Lines?

The betting lines at 5Dimes are among the best in the business. What makes them fun to use is they offer a slew of betting props and futures on the major sports. For example, we find ourselves sifting through their NFL futures each year as you can always find good value with the Make/Miss Playoff props or Win/Loss The Division. 5Dimes is one of the few books that carries lines like that.

In terms of all of the regular stuff, we’re quite pleased with the general meat-and-potatoes. That variety of props and futures, though, is virtually unique to them, which is why it’s always good to have a 5Dimes account.

5Dimes Betting Lines
5Dimes Betting Lines

Props Players Will Love Bet-Builder Feature

One really cool feature that they have is what they call the “Bet Builder”. BetOnline offers something similar but what this does is it allows you to create your own player props. For example, let’s say you’re examining the props for a specific football game but you can’t find a receiving yards prop for a running back. In the Bet Builder, you can select that running back, select the stat and then the Bet Builder will pump out odds for you on whether you want to bet over or under. You can even parlay inside the Bet Builder with something like a prop that says two running backs that you’ve chosen will hit at least 100 yards rushing. I.E. betting on a prop where Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady combined to throw for 600+ yards.

You can even do head-to-head props where you pit players against each other for a specific prop with things like shots on goal (soccer), touchdowns (football) or hits (baseball). Anyone who is into fantasy sports will really enjoy this as this gives you a way to create your own props and bet on the specific players or matchups where you feel you’ll have an edge.

Excellent Selection Of Esports Odds

One area where 5Dimes is an industry leader is with esports. We found that they had more odds up than the average sportsbook and they also even had a wide selection for live betting the games.

Taking a look on an average day, we found hundreds of lines on CS Global Offensive and that was just one game. With DOTA 2, they multiple ways to bet on the matches and with Overwatch, they had moneylines, spreads and alternate lines. Beyond that, we also found action on Call of Duty, NBA2K and King of Glory, which is not a game many sportsbooks have lines up on.

In terms of esports simulations, they also had plenty on the menu in that regard too. That includes basketball, hockey and football sims. Once again, they go above and beyond with their lines for these too as they not only carried moneylines for hockey but they had pucklines, draw/no draw and alternate totals on the games. Not everyone will care about these but this shows that they not only offer esports but they really do a good job of posting a serious offering and not just the bare minimum of lines.

5Dimes Live Betting Review

Live betting at 5Dimes has gotten a lot better over the last year. They use a third-party vendor for live betting, which is a bit unusual, but it works. Other sportsbooks like BetNow use the same software. At any rate, 5Dimes has Live Betting Extra and Live Betting Ultra.

There is a debate as to which is better: Extra or Ultra. Some feel Ultra is faster but that might be splitting hairs. Overall, you’ll find a fairly big selection of games to bet on with plenty of options for each contest too.

What’s confusing is the array of menus. There’s Live Betting Ultra, where you get baseball, football, hockey, basketball and tennis. Then there’s Extra where you can get all of the same sports. Then there’s also Sports Betting Prime, which offers all of the major sports as well as esports. At the end of the day, it just gets a bit confusing. If you’re a player, you’ll probably get the feel of it after a few times but sportsbooks like Bet365 or Bovada have it all under one section and that just makes it easier. That makes things a bit odd here.

Other than that, though, the lines are good and so are the betting options. Once you get the hang of it, you should be pretty happy with it.

5Dimes Mobile Betting Review

5Dimes Mobile Experience

5Dimes doesn’t have an app but what they have done is optimize their website for mobile. That’s basically as good as having an app. When you visit 5Dimes from a mobile browser, you’ll see exactly what we’re referring to. They fit the desktop browser version to the screen of a mobile and it really makes it easy to use with your fingers and a touch screen.

Their team deserves credit as they’ve done a good job of stripping down all of the bells and whistles to make sure that the site runs fast on mobile and it does. But even as they’ve stripped some things away, we didn’t notice much of a difference vis-à-vis the main desktop website. Anything that we needed to do – whether it was live betting, updating our profile, etc. – we were able to do on mobile just as we would on the desktop version. Beyond that, they’ve done a fantastic job of adapting the desktop website to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Even people who are new to mobile betting should find this pretty easy to use right from the jump.

We tested out a wide variety of things from live betting to deposits to sifting through the betting lines and everything works quite well through mobile. We ran our tests across multiple browsers on mobile like Chrome, Edge, Brave and Opera, and used various devices too like iPads, iPhones and various other smartphones. It was a pretty smooth experience across the board.

5Dimes Casino Review

5Dimes is best known for their sportsbooks but they do have some other sections to keep you entertained. They have a casino, bingo, mini games, lottery, racebook, poker and more.

Taking a look at the casino, they have more than 200 different games and while they cover all of the classics, they also give you choice. For example, they have eight different types of blackjack, multiple types of video poker and more. In terms of their slots, they have over 90 games but that selection is on the lighter side. Many casinos will have at least 250 different slots. However, they do deserve credit for offering live dealer games; many people enjoy those.

In terms of poker, they do have a decent selection here too. They have guaranteed tournaments running throughout the day and cash games too – if that’s your flavor. Every Sunday at 8:00 PM ET, they run a Texas Hold’em tournament, which is usually the biggest of the week.

One thing that’s unique in terms of their offering is some of the fringe options like mini games and lottery. The mini games aren’t for everyone but it’s nice touch. You can play things like All or Nothing Solitaire, Rebate Baccarat and Options Blackjack. In terms of the lottery, not a ton of sportsbooks offer that but you can buy into their Pick 3 or Pick 4 lotteries.

Overall, they do a good job of keeping players busy beyond just the sportsbooks. There’s lots of other action here too.

5Dimes Casino Review
5Dimes Casino Review

5Dimes Casino Bonuses

5Dimes does a solid job of rewarding their casino players as we found they had more ongoing bonuses and incentives for players in that realm than the sportsbook. Here’s a taste of what was on the board at the time that we wrote our review:

  • All Red 5-5-5-5 Bonus Casino Games
  • Mad Bonus Casino Promotion – up to a 100% Bonus
  • Bonus Baccarat Zero Mondays
  • Reversed Commission Pai Gow Tuesdays
  • Radical Roulette Wednesdays
  • 100x Craps on Thursdays
  • 2 to 1 Blackjack Blow-Out Fridays

The real highlight from the casino bonuses is the rebate program, which is about as good as it gets. You can earn yourself back a whopping 21% on your losses at the 5Dimes casino, which is much more than their competitors will offer. To qualify, you have to specifically convert your account to be part of the Casino Rebate Rewards Program.

You can earn the 21% back once every 30 days. If you don’t want to wait until the end of the month, you can also request early rebates, getting 14% back on your overall losses if you request it on a Wednesday or 7% back if you request it early on any other day of the week.

What we like here is that for one, it’s a fairly generous rebate (the 21%) and secondly, there is flexibility to work this how you want. Many casinos take the one-size-fits-all approach but each player has different needs. 5Dimes is taking that into account here and giving you more options.

5Dimes Customer Service: How To Contact and is it Reliable?

5Dimes operators are readily available to help assist at any time of day as you can either call, e-mail or chat. Even using e-mails, we found that they responded to everything in the same day. For more immediate assistance, use the other two methods.

5Dimes Customer Support
5Dimes Customer Support

With the expansion of sports betting in the United States with a few of them legalizing it, there has been some confusion as to which books are legal. To answer it clearly: it is legal to bet with 5Dimes. They’re operating offshore, which means they’re not subject to the U.S. laws. That means they can accept U.S. players from across the country.

As mentioned, 5Dimes does accept players from the United States and it is legal to bet with 5Dimes if you’re in the USA. Some sportsbooks restrict players from certain states but 5Dimes is open for action across the board.

Although some sportsbooks won’t allow players to play unless their 21 years of age, 5Dimes is able to offer some flexibility. As long as you’re 18 years or older, you’re able to open an account and bet at 5Dimes.

The difference here is that 5Dimes is not based in the United States. Instead, they are based in San Jose, Costa Rica, which means they have to follow the laws of that country. In Costa Rica, the gambling laws state that players have to be at least 18 years or older, which is what 5Dimes abides by.

Final Thoughts: What Makes 5Dimes A Top-Rated Betting Site?

5Dimes has one of the best reputations in the industry for three main reasons: an excellent variety of betting lines, a nice assortment of bonuses and a pristine reputation.

In terms of the betting lines, they have a huge selection of props and futures on the major North American sports, which few other books will match. For example, that might include lines like to win/lose the Super Bowl or to make/miss the playoffs for every NFL team. They’re one of the few places that offers that. In our review, we found that they have more esports lines than many other sportsbooks. Not only do they have more games to bet on, they also have more betting lines on the board for each matchup. They even have a sizable esports live betting offering. Lastly, we’d add that the Bet Builder is a great feature for those who love player props.

As far as their bonuses go, you have a variety of options when you sign up to choose from. You can take a traditional deposit bonus, ask for cash back on your losses or have a low juice account. That puts you in control of what you want. Most sportsbooks will just give you one option and that’s all there is to it. This gives you the opportunity to customize your experience to what you want.

Lastly, in terms of their reputation, they get straight A’s almost across the board from every review site. They accept sharp players, always payout on time and are generally one of the most highly-regarded sportsbooks in the online betting community. Players love playing at 5Dimes and you will too.

5Dimes FAQ

What is 5Dimes?

5Dimes is an online sportsbook that allows you to place wagers on all of the major sporting events in the world. You simply open an account, make a deposit and then you can bet on the game from your laptop, computer or smartphone wherever you are.

Does 5Dimes payout?

5Dimes is one of the best online sportsbooks available to customers looking to bet over the internet. They have a great reputation for offering a huge selection of betting lines, having good customer service and offering fast payouts.

Does 5Dimes have a mobile app?

5Dimes doesn’t have a mobile app but their website has been optimized for mobile. In other words, if you visit the website through your browser, it will look and feel like an app. They’ve optimized it like an app for smart devices.

Is 5Dimes legal?

5Dimes is a legal sportsbook based in Costa Rica. They’re a legal sports betting site that’s safe and secure. Their reputation is a big reason why they’re so well-known and well-liked among sports bettors.

Can you use 5Dimes in the US?

Although 5Dimes isn’t based in the United States, they are accepting players from the country. That means you’ll be able to open up an account, make a deposit and bet on sports just as you would with any other book.

Is 5Dimes a good sportsbook?

5Dimes is one of the best online sportsbooks available to customers looking to bet over the internet. They have a great reputation for offering a huge selection of betting lines, having good customer service and offering fast payouts.

5Dimes Company Details

Country Restrictions: Slovakia, Slovenia, France, Portugal, Hungary, United Kingdom, Russia, Switzerland and Ukraine.
Languages: English, Spanish
Location: San Jose, Costa Rica
Date Launched Online: 2000
Customer Service Hours: 24/7, 365 days a year
Live Chat: Available
Minimum Bet: $0.50
Maximum Bet: $5000
Currencies Accepted: USD, Bitcoin

5Dimes Customer Service Methods Of Contact

Phone (Customer Service): 1-800-430-5896, 1-800-305-3517, 1-800-243-7890
Phone (Wagering): 1-866-924-3772, 1-800-442-0151, 1-877-800-7529
Phone (New Accounts): 1-877-332-7501
Fax: 1-866-778-9155
Email: [email protected]
Live Chat: Available

5Dimes Review Details

Restricted Countries
Withdrawal Methods
50% up to $520
5Dimes Sportsbook has long been one of the best sportsbooks online. We love their huge selection of betting lines, high betting limits and a wide variety of bonuses.
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T&Cs Apply
New customers only

Please see 5Dimes’ General Rules for full Terms and Conditions, which apply to any and all promotions from 5dimes.
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1.0 Sportsbook Rating