3 Good Handicapping Techniques For Football

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Bettors need to know the three essential factors that go into how to bet on football: Trends, statistics and situations. Some people refer to fundamental handicapping or technical handicapping but the smart term for it is “trend-based handicapping”. There is no correct or incorrect way to bet on football. However, these three factors should be a part of the fold.

Here is a look at three key handicapping techniques for betting on football.

Trend-Based Handicapping

Trend based handicapping is exactly what the name suggests as handicappers can rely on trends to come up with and make their selections. Trends should not be confused with systems as they are two different forms. The easiest way to classify trend-based handicapping is to remember that trends are based on one particular team and how that team fares in different spots.

For example, if team A has covered its last six games as a home favorite against non-conference opponents then the trend based handicapper will take team A in that situation with the expectation that they will win a seventh straight games as a home favorite against a non-conference opponent.

Statistical Handicapping

The statistical handicappers are those that break down the numbers and make their selections based solely on the statistics. There are countless numbers out there including the traditional numbers like points for and points against as well as individual statistics registered by the players and all of those factor in to the mix. Statistical handicapping takes a lot of the guessing work out of betting on the NFL. It’s important to remember that stats reflect past performance. They are not a clear indication of what to expect in the future.

Situational Handicapping

Situational handicapping concentrates on how teams fare in certain situations. It could often be related to trend-based handicapping in a lot of ways. The situational handicapping also leaves personal bias out of the equation. That's because it takes in to consideration situations like how teams fare as the favorite, the underdog, etc. The fact that the numbers are always changing means that handicapping isn’t a stagnant activity. As the game changes, handicappers have to be willing to change.

Situational handicapping requires constantly adapting to different results. Bettors must factor those numbers in to every decision that they make versus the NFL odds.


All three of these methods can be used when it comes to handicapping NFL games at sites like BetUs, BetOnline or anywhere else. The absolute best sports handicappers tend to use all three methods in order to most accurately predict the outcome of games. There is no right or wrong way to bet on football. The best in the business will take in to consideration all of the different styles because each of them has their own benefits.

The more that you rely on these numbers the less that your own personal bias will be involved. Trends, statistics and situation should all be factored in to any decision when it comes to betting on sports. At the same time, remember that the more information you have at your disposal. the better chance you have to accurately predict outcomes.