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A Guide To The Best Sportsbooks That Accept VISA

One of the most important steps in the online gambling process is getting your money into the sportsbook account. That might sound like it’s a big step but it’s actually not. There are tons of ways you can deposit and withdraw at these sites – especially credit cards.

A lot of people have some form of plastic that they use in day-to-day life whether it’s debit, MasterCard or Visa. That’s why credit cards are an easy method to use for online betting: they’re readily available. In this article, we’re going to take a look at Visa betting sites, talking about why Visa is so use for deposits and give you a full run through so that you understand this banking method.

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Although MyBookie is one of the newer ones to the market (2014), they’ve wasted little time carving itself out a name among the best sportsbooks out there right now.
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Bovada is one of the best betting sites available online. Get a 75% bonus up to $750 with a Bitcoin deposit or a 50% bonus up to $250 with a cash deposit. We love their fast payouts, live odds and a huge selection of betting lines.
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Cloudbet pick is the ideal place for those looking to bet on esports or regular sports and use cryptocurrency. They have a huge array of esports betting options like DOTA, Valorant and Call of Duty to go along with all of the pro sports like NFL, NBA and UFC.
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Bonuses And Rewards at Visa Betting Sites

One of the first things you should know about the benefits of betting online versus betting in person at a land-based casino is that you get different welcome bonuses when you deposit online. Any online sportsbook and Visa betting site will give you at least 10% to boost your bankroll right off the bat. Some sites will give you as much as 100% up to $1000, which means that you get some really sweet incentives.

How it works is when you sign up to any top betting site that accepts credit cards, you can gain what is called a Welcome Bonus. This means you can get a bonus that comes in a variety of options: you might get to place free bets or you could get a cash bonus. For example, after adding $200 to your account. You might receive a match bonus of 100 percent up to $300, which basically gives you another $200 to play with. If it’s free bets, that means you’ll get some kind of site credit where you can place a wager and if it loses, it doesn’t cost you anything. However, you don’t usually get to keep the stake with free bets, so that’s why a cash bonus is usually viewed as better than free bets in your account.

If a sportsbook doesn’t offer a bonus, they might offer reduced juice as an alternative. This is the take for the house (the online sportsbook) on each wager, the fee which ensures sportsbooks make a small profit in the event that a bet is a “push” (or tie), such as the point spread being three points and the game being decided by that very same three-point margin. Bettors on both sides of the spread don’t win or lose, but the juice – sometimes called vigorish – ensures the house makes a profit in those cases. So, while you might not get an online gambling bonus, you will get reduced juice for each of the lines, which is of great benefit.

Double-Check The Bonus Requirements

It might not have to be said but we’ll say it anyway: do read the fine print before agreeing to collect any sportsbook bonus. No two sites are exactly the same and the requirements attached to each individual offer are going to be different in certain ways. You have to pay attention to the details and not make assumptions that what exists for one site will exist for others. It requires just a few extra minutes of your attention, and it will save you massive headaches.

What you’re mostly looking for is the rollover requirements that these online betting sites stipulate. For example, you might get a 100% cash bonus but it could come with a 10-time rollover. That means you have to bet 10 times the amount you deposited plus your bonus at these visa betting sites before you can request a withdrawal. Some of these visa betting sites will also stipulate what you can bet on as certain types of odds might not qualify (betting on big favorites) and sometimes things like casino action won’t qualify for as much towards the rollover.

At the end of the day, most of these online betting requirements are pretty reasonable.

How to Make a Deposit Using Visa

To make a Visa deposit, you’ll need your credit card information and your billing address. When you log into your online betting account, head over to the cashier section and look for ‘deposits’. Then you can select the type of Visa you’re using. Provide your card number, expiration date and the three-digit CVV/CVC/SPC) security code on the back of the card. When the deposit is accepted, the funds will show up in your account and the total listen on your computer screen. You might get a payment receipt confirmation via e-mail.

Deposits can be instant with credit card but they usually take a few hours and – in some cases – can take up to 24 hours, depending on the country where you are a cardholder.

The Different Types Of Visa

Most people only think of Visa as a credit card but there are actually many different types of Visa. Take a look at the sportsbook you’re planning to deposit at and make sure they accept Visa and also accept Visa that you have. Here’s a look at some of the different types of Visa:

Visa Credit – Of course, this is the most familiar type of Visa. When you see that betting sites accept Visa, this is the one they’re referring to. Visa credit cards are accepted at almost every sportsbook.

Visa Debit – Visa debit can mostly be used like a credit card but the main different is that you’re not working with credit; you’re working with debit. What this means is it works like other debit cards and withdraws the money right away. For some shops, you can make deposits with this card just as you would with a credit card.

Visa Debit-Credit – These mostly work like the debit cards we just spoke about. Some banks give customers a debit-credit hybrid and then you can choose if you want to us Visa credit or if you’d rather use it like debit cards when making deposits.

Prepaid Visa Cards – This is also a common method that many Visa betting sites accept. This is a prepaid card, which means that the card is preloaded with money on it. Then when you go to a sportsbook that accept Visa deposits, the card works just the same for them. You can typically find these at grocery stores or drug stores and you just buy them for $50 to get a preloaded Visa with $50 on it.

Visa Deposit and Withdrawal Limits

The amount you can add to your betting account is something which is specific to each sportsbook. Again, don’t assume a uniform standard. However, if you were to get a ballpark figure to help you calculate your investment, the usual range is anywhere up to $10,000.

The easiest thing to do with Visa betting sites is to call up their customer service or check the information on the website. Usually, if you call up customer service, they’ll be flexible on the some of the limits or try to find ways to accommodate your credit card deposit.

Also, keep in mind that there are different types of Visa that might come with different limits. For example, if you’re using Visa as a credit card, that’s one thing. If it’s visa debit cards, that might be another

Regarding withdrawals, the limits are normally anywhere up to $1,000. It is noteworthy that you do not have to immediately withdraw your winnings. You have the ability to simply build your bankroll and keep playing. The winnings can become the funding source of future bets, especially if you see specific bets on which you want to wager larger amounts of money. Also, note that some sites will allow you to deposit with Visa credit or Visa debit cards but then won’t allow you to withdraw with credit card on the way out. In those cases, they’ll just usually send you a check in the mail, which is pretty easy.

Sports Offered At Visa Betting Sites

You will get a full range of sports to bet on at VISA-compatible sportsbooks. You get the main professional North American team sports – Major League Baseball, the NFL, the NBA, and the NHL – plus major college football and basketball, international football (English Premier League, MLS, UEFA Champions League, Bundesliga, etc.), PGA and LPGA golf, the various combat sports (UFC, MMA, boxing), motorsports (international and domestic), cricket, and professional tennis (ATP men’s tennis, WTA women’s tennis, and the four major tournaments at the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and the U.S. Open).

Sportsbooks give bettors the various odds on other non-sports topics and theaters of activity as well: You can bet on entertainment topics such as awards shows and who will win various awards. You can bet on politics (who will win various elections, both the specific candidates and which party will win a majority in Congress), plus esports as well. In general, Visa card sports betting sites will usually have their own racebooks where you can place bets on the Triple Crown races and the Breeders Cup, among other prime events. There will be casino links at these sites where you can play online blackjack and other online card games, plus online slot games.

Bet Types And Odds

The ability to safely and securely make transactions is paramount in online sports betting. You want to be able to go to sportsbooks where you can have a smooth, low-stress experience. Getting these details sorted out is important when you map out your online sports betting plan and set yourself up with an account through VISA.

Start here: Most online sportsbooks present their betting odds in different ways. An American format has a plus or minus sign before a number (a -120 price or a +350 price). There is a decimal format, and there is a fractional presentation as well. You should be given options for the style you want.

When you consider betting types, that refers to moneylines (which team will win a specific game straight up or outright), point spreads (the margin by which a game will be decided), totals (over-under cumulative point totals in a game, by both teams instead of only one team), props, parlays (a multiple-bet ticket), teasers, and futures.

You will be able to find live, up-to-date odds on games – not only before they begin, but then within a game, as you consider whether to bet a game in the first quarter or (in baseball) the third inning.

Customer Service

If anything goes wrong with your account, your problems and concerns can be addressed immediately. Most Visa compatible sportsbooks offer 24-7 customer service through email, phone and live chat, so you can reach out and get the information that you need. These sportsbooks want your long-term business, so they’re in a position to help you and make sure your transactions are safe.

User Interface

Although user interface is very important for betting, what we’re referring to here is the UI of the deposit page. Do they make it easy when you want to fund your account? Can you use Visa debit card or credit card? Do they provide information on the page or do you have to hunt it down? The best betting sites will have a clean user interface where all of this is easy to find on the cashier/banking section

Why Choose Visa For Your Credit Card Deposits?

The simple answer here is because of ease of use. Some people like crypto or Skrill or e-wallets or ACH, but those are typically veterans of the sports betting game who know these other options. There is a learning curve with those. Newbies will have Visa and will know how to use it; they already use it in their day to day lives.

What You Need To Know About Use Visa At Betting Sites

Visa credit cards (or debit card) may involve fees associated with using your credit card to place a bet. These could come in the form of cash advance, usually connected to the card itself and not the online betting sites.

Betting sites process payments through third-party companies which specifically deal with transactions from credit cards. This might seem like an unnecessary layer of added complexity, but the importance of this is that it provides a middle entity between banks and online sportsbooks. This ensures the bank and the sportsbook can’t directly manipulate or interfere with your account and its management. An advantage of using VISA is that you can bet in your preferred currency. Even if the betting site involved is limited in the currencies for which it can process a bet, VISA can enable a transfer into your desired currency.

If you don’t have a Visa card or debit card, there is a prepaid version similar to a normal VISA, but with a pre-loaded amount akin to a gift card. Most sites that accept credit cards will process this payment option, but again, be sure to investigate and not assume here.

Visa won’t automatically or reflexively approve every online sportsbook for use of its services. The sportsbooks have to meet certain standards of transparency and ease of use. You need to look for the Visa logo on the Deposits or Banking page of a sports betting site to make sure a sportsbook is Visa-compatible and Visa-friendly (and also Visa debit card). Those are the sites where you want to do play.