Best College Football Betting Sites

There are a lot of great college football betting sites out there but in this section, we wanted to talk to you about our top rated sites.

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BetUS is a popular online sportsbook with a reputation for offering generous bonuses rapid payouts and high-quality odds.
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Bovada is one of the best betting sites available online. Get a 75% bonus up to $750 with a Bitcoin deposit or a 50% bonus up to $250 with a cash deposit. We love their fast payouts, live odds and a huge selection of betting lines.
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Although MyBookie is one of the newer ones to the market (2014), they’ve wasted little time carving itself out a name among the best sportsbooks out there right now.
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SportsBetting offers one of the highest bonuses for first-time deposits as new players receive 50% bonus to a maximum of $1,000. On top of that, you can get a a $50 mobile free play and a $25 risk-free bet.
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Thunderpick is the ideal place for those looking to bet on esports or regular sports and use cryptocurrency. They have a huge array of esports betting options like DOTA, Valorant and Call of Duty to go along with all of the pro sports like NFL, NBA and UFC.
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If you’re looking to bet on college football, here are our five favorite betting sites for it:

  • Bovada – One of the biggest names in college football betting. We specifically love the live betting on the site. They have a huge array of NCAAF Odds specifically, they have tons of props, futures and in-game betting action each day.
  • BetOnline – One of the most trusted online betting sites around. Their NCAAF betting variety is second to none. They have tons of in-game options too. Overall, this is one of our favorites.
  • MyBookie – Lots of good things at this site and not just for college football, but also betting the college football national championship. We would highlight here their props. They have so many different online betting options beyond just the regular spreads, over-unders and moneylines, that it really makes it a fun place to bet sports.
  • BookMaker – There are some sites that are better for entertainment purposes but this is the site where the professional bettors play. They accept huge limits on college football games – and for all sports in general – and they’re usually the first to open College Football Odds. Those two factors are a big reason why they have such a good reputation.
  • YouWager – This is a sports betting site that has huge limits on the games and a stellar reputation. The latter is one of the main reasons that bettors come to bet on college football.

College Football Betting FAQ

Can I bet on college football?

People all over the world are able to bet on college football. The easiest way to do it is at an online sportsbook like BetOnline or MyBookie but you can also bet at land-based casinos, if they are nearby and accept sports bets.

Can you bet on college football?

Yes, you can bet on college football. Betting on the moneyline (outright winner), spread (a margin of victory) or the over-under (combined score of the two teams) are just a few of the many ways to bet on the games.

How do I bet on college football online?

Every online sportsbook has college football betting lines. Betting sites like BetOnline and MyBookie are often rated the best places to bet on sports, according to most review sites and players.

Is it legal to bet on college football?

It is legal to bet on college football around the world. Double-check with the sportsbook you’re planning to play with as they know the rules for each country. Sportsbooks like BetOnlineMyBookie and Bookmaker are rated among the best.

How Can I Bet On The College Football 

There are a number of ways to bet on college football and in this section, we’ll go over the options. If you’ve bet on college football before, a lot of these will be familiar to you. If you're looking for one of the best betting sites, we highly recommend Bovada or BetOnline

Bet the Moneyline

The moneyline bet is a wager on which team will win the game outright. The point spread is not a factor. If you pick the winning team, you cash in.

The key to understanding moneylines is how to read the NCAA football odds. You might see something like this:

  • Clemson +240
  • LSU -300

In this case, the minus sign tells you how much you bet to win $100 while the plus sign shows you the amount you’d win if you bet $100. In other words, a $100 bet on Clemson’s college football betting odds would pay $240 whereas for LSU, you’d have to bet $300 to win $100. You can bet as much as you like but this gives you a clear idea of how these NCAA football betting odds work.

Bet the Point Spread

College football point spreads are a margin of victory. This gives you a different way of betting the game without strictly choosing who wins or loses outright.

The most recent College Football Playoff National Championship Odds had a modest point spread of 5.5 points in favor of LSU. That would look something like this:

  • Clemson Tigers +5.5
  • LSU Tigers -5.5

This means that the Tigers have to win by six or more to “cover” or win the bet. Meanwhile, Clemson has some wiggle room. They can lose by 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, tie or win the game, and all Clemson bets would “cover” or win on the CFB lines.

Bet the Game Totals

The total refers to the total number of points scored in the game. In an example college football game, the total was 69 points at kickoff time. That means you have to decide whether the combined final score of the two teams will go over the number or under. The final score of that particular game was 42-25, which put the total at 67 points and therefore an under.

Typically, when you’re betting the total, you have to decide whether it will be a high-scoring shootout and exceed the oddsmakers expectations or whether it will be a low-scoring, defensive style of game, which is more likely to lead to an under. If you’re not sure who will win the game or who is the best bet for the college football odds spreads, the total gives you another way of examining/handicapping the game.

College Football Betting Props

These types of NCAA football lines focus on player or team performance rather than the outcome of the game. An example of a college football prop bet is:

Travis Etienne Rushing Yards Versus LSU
Over 90: -110
Under 90: -110

It turns out that Travis Etienne, Clemson’s starting running back, rushed for 78 yards against LSU, so if you had bet that Etienne would rush over 90 yards, you lost. If, however, you bet Etienne would rush under 90 yards, you would have won. The minus sign next to the number 110 means that if you bet 110 dollars on Etienne to rush for under 90 yards, you would have won 100 dollars. If there is a plus sign next to the number in one of these props, you would have won that amount of money for every $100 you bet. So, a price of +110 on the NCAAF lines would mean that a successful $100 bet would win $110.

Live Betting on College Football Games

Most of what we’ve talked about above focuses in on pre-game betting. In other words, you place your bet and you’re locked in for the game. However, you can also wait to bet on the game because all major sportsbooks now have live betting available.

The best sportsbooks allow in-game betting on college football and how it works is they’ll adjust the odds every single play. If a team is about to punt, their odds of winning might decrease. If a team is about to score, their odds of winning might increase. All of these lines – the moneyline, the point spread and the total – can change every single play.

A general line of advice is to watch the beginning of a game to determine the flow of play and make some initial observations of a game. If that first quarter gives you a powerfully revealing look at two teams – showing that one is clearly better than the other – you can make an in-game bet on the superior team. At least this way, you’re taking in some evidence from what you see and then making a calculated decision.

Another way to use live betting is for hedging your bets. This is useful because let’s say you placed a bet pre-game and it’s not looking good. You can now bet on the other side to at least hedge your bets. You still might lose some money but maybe not all of it. It’s a way of buying out of a bad decision. It’s another way to use in-game betting to your advantage.