Dana White’s Contender Series: Week 5

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Season 6 of Dana White’s contender series continues to truck forward with Week 5. 14 athletes have been able to get themselves a UFC contract so far in Season 6, and a handful of others can get themselves that same luxury with a strong performance in this one. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best fights that we will have on the schedule for Week 5.

Eduardo Neves vs. Michael Parkin

One of the most anticipated fights of the week is between Eduardo Neves and Michael Parkin. Each of these fighters are undefeated heavyweights at this point in the competition with identical 5-0 records. Neves has been able to get a first-round stoppage in his last three fights, including a 64 second finishing of Andre Vieira. As for Parkin, he’s got more experience despite having a similar record.

Parkin was 8-o in amateur fights before going into the pros and then winning those five additional matchups. Each of these fighters have proven to hang in there and deliver some incredible punishment to their opponents, giving this the potential to be the fight of the week. One of these fighters will no longer have that flawless record.

Amir Gogoladze vs. Darius Flowers

Amir Gogoladze and Darius Flowers are going to be competing for a spot in the welterweight division with this fight. Gogoladze is on a three-fight winning streak coming into this one. Plus, he’s won nine out of his last 10 fights overall. In case you weren’t convinced already, he’s been able to finish his last three opponents in the first round. He could have a tough time with Flowers though.

Darius Flowers is 11-5-1 in his career with his own three-fight winning streak. What makes this streak even better is that they’ve all come in 2022. Flowers has fought a lot lately and is seemingly using that momentum to keep on propelling him forward. It’s no question that each of these competitors are in great shape and looking to earn that spot in the 170-pound weight class.

Joshua Wang-Kim vs. Cameron Saaiman

Joshua Wang-Kim squares off with Cameron Saaiman in the bantamweight division. Wang-Kim was in a lot of amateur fights leading up to this point, winning 15 out of his 16 fights at that level. When he finally moved up into the pros, he amassed a 5-1 record. Four of those five wins were finishes and that singular loss was by disqualification after an illegal elbow in the third round. He’s been a very tough fighter to take out.

His opponent, Saaiman, is just 21-years old and already went 5-0 in his amateur career. He’s also got the same professional record as Wang-Kim coming into this one.  Each of these fighters are very early in their careers so far, but we’ve seen flashes of greatness from the both of them. It’s going to be interesting to see which of them can rise above the pressure and get themselves a UFC contract.