Fun Ways To Bet On The World Series

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Major League Baseball’s World Series might not generate the same level of buzz as the Super Bowl or March Madness, but it’s still a championship series for one of the four major sports in North America and it can be a lot of fun to bet on in office pools or among friends. While the majority of serious handicappers will bet on games with sportsbook the casual fan might prefer to have a pool where they aren’t risking as much money but can still enjoy having an extra little something on the line.

Here is a look at some fun ways to bet on the World Series outside of just the moneylines at the best betting sites.

The Box Pool

The box pool is a popular type of pool used in offices and among friends for the Super Bowl and for the NCAA Basketball Tournament but it can also be used for the World Series. The obvious problem with using a box pool for the World Series is the fact that some numbers simply can’t be used. For example, anybody that holds 9-9 in a box pool needs the final score to be 19-9 in order to win so there is a very good chance they won’t win. There are two ways to avoid this problem:

First of all, you can simply eliminate the bigger numbers in order to avoid this problem altogether. Second and perhaps more importantly, you can use the pool for hits instead of runs, since there is a much greater chance there is substantially more hits than runs.

This is an easy way to alter the outlook of the box pool in order for it to better fit being used for the World Series.

10-Slip Pool

Another popular way to bet on the World Series is the 10-slip pool. Simply write down the numbers 0 through 9 on slips of paper and draw numbers. The person who holds the number of the two teams’ combined score is the winner. If the game exceeds 10 total runs, the last number of the combined final score is used.

For example, if the combined score is 8-4 then the combined score is 12, which means the person holding the number 2 would be declared the winner. This is an easy type of pool that can lead to a lot of fun, especially late in games where there can be a number of score changes.

Correct Final Score

The final method for making betting on the World Series a little more fun is to have a pool where every entrant attempts to correctly predict the final score. If you don't fully know how to bet on baseball, this is a simple alternative.

This type of pool can have as few or as many entrants as there are available and still be just enough fun. Every entrant will attempt to accurately predict the final score with a potential tiebreaker going to the entrant with the correct winning team. This is another very simple but fun way to enhance the experience of watching the World Series. It makes it that much more fun regardless of how small or big the group watching the event is.