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The 2022-23 NBA season has come to an end as the Denver Nuggets were crowned champions. Deemed a somewhat mid-range, long(er) shot to start the season at most betting sites, the Nuggets ended their 47-year basketball championship drought.

The WagerStreet NBA sharp action for the season can be found below with every play for sides and totals. That encompasses the entire season – including postseason. For players where there is a favorite, the calculation is done at that amount to win $100. For example, if it's -110, it's $110 to win $100. On the other hand, if it's a underdog, the betting unit calculation is that amount if you bet $100. For example, +150 means a $100 to win $150. For “(small)”, those are half-plays at $55 to win or $50 to win.

The end result for NBA sharp action was:

Updated Sharp Action Record: 212-160 (+29.90)

Sides: 22-18 (+3.55)

Totals: 183-144 (+25.00)

PHI-BOS over 214.5 (small)50Win
LAL-GS under 227 (small)-55Loss
NO-BK over 229 (small)50Win
Knicks +6.5 (small)50Win
OKC-MIN under 228.5100Win
CHA-SA under 225-110Loss
DEN-UTA over 218100Win
POR-SAC over 224-110Loss
LAC-LAL over 220.5-110Loss
SA-IND over 230 (small)50Win
Pelicans -5 (small)50Win
NO-CHA under 232-110Loss
BOS-MIA over 217 (small)-50Loss
ORL-ATL over 222-110Loss
DET-NY over 218.5 (small)50Win
MEM-HOU over 229.5100Win
PHX-POR under 225.5 (small)50Win
DET-IND over 227100Win
BOS-ORL under 218.5 (small)-55Loss
CLE-CHI over 216.5 (small)50Win
HOU-MIL under 231100Win
LAC-SAC over 221 (small)-55Loss
MIN-OKC over 225.5 (small)-55Loss
Suns +2.5 (small)50Win
ORL-NY over 219 (small)-55Loss
Jazz +1 (small)-55Loss
UTA-HOU over 231.5 (small)-55Loss
SA-MIN over 230.5-110Loss
BOS-CHI over 222 (small)-55Loss
BK-MEM over 228100Win
DEN-POR under 229.5 (small)-55Loss
DET-WAS under 223 (small)50Win
ORL-CLE under 219 (small)50Win
BK-MIL under 233.5 (small)50Win
PHI-TOR under 215.5-110Loss
SA-MIN over 231100Win
Jazz -5.5 (small)50Win
Heat +1.5 (small)50Win
BK-DAL under 228.5-110Loss
MIA-GS over 224.5 (small)50Win
CHA-ORL under 226.5100Win
Celtics -4.5 (small)-55Loss
LAL-MIN over 227.5 (small)-55Loss
HOU-POR under 228.5-110Loss
IND-BK over 234100Win
MEM-UTA under 231.5-110Loss
NO-LAC over 224.5 (small)-55Loss
NY-CLE under 222.5 (small)-55Loss
MIN-SA over 235.5 (small)-55Loss
ORL-DAL under 217-110Loss
DEN-LAL over 224 (small)50Win
PHI-WAS – under 219.5 (small)-55Loss
Kings +1100Win
DET-MIL under 230100Win
MEM-UTA under 235100Win
Heat +1 (small)50Win
GS-MIA under 228 (small)50Win
PHX-MIN under 230 (small)50Win
ATL-NY over 229100Win
SAC-MIA under 224-110Loss
Grizzlies -2 (small)50Win
CLE-DET under 224.5100Win
CHA-MEM under 230.5100Win
POR-PHX under 222.5 (small)50Win
Kings -1.5100Win
SAC-ORL over 224 (small)50Win
NO-ATL under 233 (small)-55Loss
HOU-MIN over 230.5 (small)50Win
CHI-TOR over 218.5 (small)-55Loss
Thunder +1.5 (small)-55Loss
NO-IND under 235.5 (small)-55Loss
POR-MIA under 220.5 (small)50Win
Raptors +4 (small)-55Loss
NY-MIN over 229-110Loss
DEN-SA over 231.5 (small)-55Loss
BK-DAL over 213-110Loss
SAC-GS over 230-110Loss
BK-NY under 224 (small)50Win
UTA-ATL over 226.5 (small)50Win
NO-CHI over 229 (small)-55Loss
CHA-MIA under 217 (small)-55Loss
DEN-BOS under 232.5 (small)-55Loss
PHX-ORL over 214.5 (small)-55Loss
MIN-MEM under 236 (small)50Win
CLE-GS over 229 (small)-55Loss
Kings -2 (small)50Win
SAC-LAL over 226100Win
Pacers +2.5 (small)50Win
HOU-NO over 230-110Loss
GS-SAC over 233.5 (small)50Win
Nets -2.5 (small)-55Loss
BK-LAL under 222.5100Win
PHX-MIA under 217.5 (small)-55Loss
OKC-WAS over 226100Win
CLE-MIL under 220 (small)50Win
BK-POR over 220 (small)-55Loss
OKC-MEM under 232.5 (small)50Win
ORL-CHI under 223.5 (small)50Win
MIN-PHI under 223.5100Win
UTA-POR over 223100Win
BOS-CHI over 226.5 (small)50Win
MIN-IND over 234 (small)-55Loss
POR-CLE under 217 (small)50Win
CHI-MIL over 219.5100Win
DET-UTA over 228.5100Win
Timberwolves -4 (small)-55Loss
PHI-ORL under 217 (small)50Win
POR-NY under 222-110Loss
LAL-SA over 228.5-110Loss
SAC-BOS over 235.5 (small)-55Loss
ATL-HOU under 237.5-110Loss
DET-PHX under 227 (small)50Win
PHX-UTA over (small)-55Loss
MIA-ATL over 222 (small)-55Loss
MEM-NY under 231.5 (small)-55Loss
CLE-TOR over 213 (small)-55Loss
CHA-BOS over 221 (small)-55Loss
HOU-DEN under 232 (small)50Win
IND-LAL over 234.5 (small)-55Loss
ATL-ORL over 225 (small)50Win
CHI-PHX over 224100Win
LAC-UTA under 224.5 (small)-55Loss
IND-SAC over 239 (small)50Win
WAS-CHA over 221.5100Win
PHI-MEM under 219 (small)-55Loss
SAC-LAC over 225 (small)-55Loss
OKC-MIN over 230 (small)50Win
CHI-SAC over 236.5 (small)-55Loss
MEM-DET under 232 (small)-55Loss
BOS-BK under 234.5 (small)50Win
WAS-CHI over 223.5100Win
LAC-MIA under 215.5 (small)50Loss
HOU-SA under 233.5 (small)-55Win
LAL-PHI over 224100Win
BOS-GS over 230.5-110Loss
MIL-HOU under 231.5100Win
ATL-MEM under 228.5 (small)-55Loss
MIN-POR under 232 (small)-55Loss
GS-MIL over 229.5100Win
GS-IND over 235.5 (small)50Win
Hornets -2 (small)-55Loss
DET-CHA over 225.5 (small)50Win
SAC-TOR over 227100Win
MIA-OKC under 227100Win
CLE-DAL over 213.5 (small)-55Loss
MIA-HOU under 221.5100Win
ATL-CHA over 232-110Loss
ORL-BOS under 228 (small)50Win
NY-CHI under 228 (small)50Win
POR-DAL over 222.5100Win
NY-IND under 232100Win
GS-TOR under 228-110Loss
BK-DET under 231.5 (small)-55Loss
WAS-LAL over 230100Win
UTAH-CLE under 223 (small)50Win
UTA-DET under 233.5-110Loss
GS-NY under 225-110Loss
MEM-DEN over 234 (small)-55Loss
DET-PHI under 225 (small)50Win
CHI-ATL over 233.5 (small)-55Loss
GS-BK over 222100Win
POR-OKC over 234 (small)-55Loss
LAL-SAC over 237 (small)50Win
MIL-BK over 227 (small)-55Loss
DAL-HOU under 222.5 (small)50Win
WAS-SAC over 236.5 (small)-55Loss
CHA-LAL over 236.5100Win
PHI-NY under 218 (small)-55Loss
LAL-DAL over 226.5100Win
MEM-GW over 229 (small)50Win
HOU-CHI over 227100Win
PHI-WAS over 221.5100Win
ATL-IND over 233100Win
PHX-MEM under 227.5 (small)-55Loss
NY-DAL under 222.5-110Loss
CHA-GS over 234.5-110Loss
PHX-WAS under 223 (small)-55Loss
BK-ATL under 236 (small)50Win
LAL-MIA over 224-110Loss
HOU-DAL over 223.5 (small)50Win
WAS-ORL over 222-110Loss
PHX-TOR under 223.5 (small)50Win
LAL-ATL over 239 (small)50Win
UTA-SA over 239 (small)50Win
NY-HOU under 227100Win
DAL-SA over 227100Win
NO-MEM over 233 (small)-55Loss
TOR-IND over 229100Win
SA-BK over 234 (small)50Win
BOS-OKC under 235.5 (small)-55Loss
WAS-MIL over 227.5 (small)50Win
PHX-CLE under 219.5 (small)50Win
SA-NY under 229 (small)-55Loss
HOU-NO over 225100Win
MEM-ORL over 227 (small)50Win
BOS-DAL over 229.5 (small)-55Loss
LAC-DEN over 226 (small)-55Loss
POR-IND over 234-110Loss
CHI-PHI over 228.5 (small)50Win
DET-SA over 233.5 (small)-55Loss
CLE-DEN under 224 (small)-55Loss
Jazz (small)-55Loss
MIN-DET over 230 (small)50Win
NO-BOS over 229 (small)50Win
HOU-SAC under 239 (small)-55Loss
CLE-POR under 223.5 (small)-55Loss
ATL-IND over 234-110Loss
GS-SA over 240 (small)50Win
MEM-IND over 235.5 (small)50Win
CLE-MIN under 224.5 (small)50Win
DAL-POR under 227.5 (small)-55Loss
ORL-DEN over 231 (small)50Win
DAL-POR under 227-110Loss
PHX-MEM over 226.5 (small)50Win
DEN-POR over 233 (small)50Win
WAS-NY over 222 (small)-55Loss
IND-OKC under 241 (small)50Win
CLE-MEM over 224.5100Win
GS-BOS over 235.5100Win
TOR-MIN over 229 (small)50Win
NO-ORL over 226 (small)50Win
BK-UTA over 229 (small)-55Loss
OKC-SAC over 239-110Loss
BOS-TOR under 229 (small)50Win
HOU-MIN over 235 (small)-55Loss
BOS-ORL under 232 (small)50Win
MIN-HOU under 236.5 (small)50Win
CHA-UTA over 237-110Loss
CHA-PHX under 229.5 (small)50Win
Hawks +1 (small)50Win
DET-BK over 232.5 (small)50Win
NY-BOS under 227-110Loss
MIL-IND over 237.5 (small)50Win
ORL-MIA under 221.5 (small)50Win
TOR-GS under 237.5 (small)-55Loss
NY-BK under 226.5 (small)-55Loss
WAS-SA over 235.5-110Loss
TOR-PHX under 226.5100Win
LAL-NY under 235 (small)-55Loss
LAC-CHI under 230.5 (small)50Win
POR-MEM over 234.5-110Loss
MIA-NY over 213 (small)-55Loss
POR-WAS over 234 (small)50Win
SAC-IND under 238 (small)50Win
TOR-HOU under 227 (small)-55Loss
MIA-MIL over 220 (small)50Win
SAC-HOU over 234.5100Win
OKC-GS under 237.5-110Loss
MIL-POR over 239.5 (small)-55Loss
ATL-NO over 234.5 (small)-55Loss
MIN-DEN under 235.5 (small)-55Loss
OKC-LAL over 237 (small)50Win
PHI-BOS under 227 (small)50Win
Pistons -3 (small)50Win
CHA-BOS under 230.5-110Loss
HOU-MIA under 225.5100Win
DEN-CHA over 235 (small)-55Loss
IND-WAS over 233.5 (small)50Win
MIA-ORL under 217100Win
SA-DAL over 232.5100Win
POR-SAC under 238 (small)-55Loss
CLE-ATL over 225.5 (small)50Win
BK-CHI under 225 (small)50Win
HOU-GS under 233.5 (small)50Win
SAC-LAC over 232.5100Win
NO-NY under 225.5 (small)-55Loss
SA-UTA under 242 (small)50Win
PHX-MIL over 226.5-110Loss
BK-ATL over 229.5100Win
MIN-GS over 234 (small)-55Loss
LAC-DEN over 228100Win
DET-CHA under 237 (small)50Win
LAL-MEM under 233.5 (small)50Win
SAC-OKC under 237 (small)-55Loss
Mavs -6.5 (small)-55Loss
CHI-DET under 227 (small)-55Loss
CLE-BOS under 223-110Loss
ORL-MIL over 224.5100Win
MEM-HOU under 233.5 (small)50Win
NO-POR over 232 (small)-55Loss
WAS-TOR under 224.5 (small)-55Loss
LAC-GS under 234 (small)50Win
POR-ATL over 239 (small)50Win
PHI-MIL over 228.5 (small)50Win
CHA-BK over 224 (small)-55Loss
ATL-MIA over 227 (small)50Win
CHA-NY unders 228.5 (small)50Win
GSW-OKC over 241 (small)50Win
ATL-WAS over 234 (small)50Win
CLE-MIA over 212-110Loss
CHI-DEN under 229100Win
POR-PHI over 229.5100Win
DEN-SA over 234.5 (small)50Win
BK-MIN under 232-110Loss
MIA-ORL over 216.5100Win
BOS-ATL over 234.5100Win
MIL-GS over 236.5 (small)50Win
WAS-PHI under 230.5 (small)50Win
MIN-ATL over 240.5100Win
PHX-GSW under 239100Win
DET-WAS under 223 (small)50Win
PHI-CLE over 220 (small)50Win
SAC-CHI under 239 (small)50Win
IND-MIL over50Win
HOU-NO under50Win
SA-MEM over50Win
ORL-LAC over-110Loss
LAC-POR over 233.5 (small)-55Loss
IND-CHA over 232 (small)-55Loss
NY-MIA over 221100Win
SA-MIL over 235 (small)-55Loss
Raptors -12.5 (small)50Win
Lakers -3.5 (small)-55Loss
DAL-IND over 235 (small)-55Loss
CLE-ATL over 234100Win
LAL-CHI over 225 (small)-55Loss
LAC-MEM under 235.5 (small)-55Loss
OKC-IND over 236100Win
Cavaliers -3.5 (small)-55Loss
Lakers +1.5 (small)50Win
LAC-MEM over 234.5 (small)-55Loss
Suns -8 (small)-55Loss
LAC-NO over 223100Win
POR-MIN under 226.5100Win
DAL-ATL over 244 (small)50Win
LAL-HOU over 233 (small)50Win
Suns -4.5 (small)50Win
GS-DEN under 237100Win
Pelicans -2 (small)-55Loss
SAC-NO under 237.5 (small)50Win
BK-DET under 221.5 (small)-55Loss
CHI-MIL over 229.5 (small)-55Loss
POR-SA under 230 -110 (small)-55Loss
DET-IND over 230 (small)50Win
MEM-MIL over 226.5 (small)50Win
IND-NY over 229 (small)50Win
HOU-WAS over 227-110Loss
ORL-MIA over 213.5100Win
UTA-LAL over 231.5 (small)50Win
Lakers -6.5 (small)-55Loss
CHI-TOR under 216.5100Win
OKC-NO under 229.5 (small)-55Loss
BK-PHI under 216 (small)-55Loss
NY-CLE over 215 (small)-55Loss
BK-PHI under 215 (small)50Win
Warriors +1-110Loss
ATL-BOS over 227.5-110Loss
LAC-PHX over 225 (small)50Win
SAC-GS over 238.5 (small)-55Loss
LAC-PHX under 228 (small)-55Loss
Suns -5 (small)50Win
CLE-NY under 206.5100Win
LAL-MEM over 220.5 (small)50Win
Warriors +1 (small)50Win
GS-SAC under 237.5-110Loss
PHX-DEN over 225 (small)50Win
MIA-NY over 206.5100Win
PHX-DEN over 227-110Loss
PHI-BOS under 218 (small)50Win
Celtics -1 (small)50Win
NY-MIA over 205100Win
Celtics -1.5 (small)50Win
BOS-PHI under 214.5 (small)50Win
Nuggets +3.5 (small)50Win
Heat -4.5 (small)-55Loss
NY-MIA under 209100Win
Lakers -2.5 (small)50Win
Nuggets -4.5 (small)50Win
MIA-BOS over 210 (small)50Win
Celtics -8.5 (small)-55Loss
Celtics -3 (small)-55Loss
LAL-DEN over 222.5 (small)50Win
MIA-BOS over 214.5 (small)50Win
MIA-DEN over 215 (small)50Win
Nuggets -2.5 (small)50Win
DEN-MIA under 216100Win
DEN-MIA over 208.5 (small)-55Loss