2021 WagerStreet NBA Sharp Action Record & Tracking

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This page is going to be the ongoing tracking of the WagerStreet NBA sharp action posts. They are now included as part of the Patreon subscription. If subscribe, you'll see the plays early and full nightly tracking. The link to sign up is here.

Updated Record As Of November 1st

Overall: 50-25 (+15.80)
Sides: 6-2 (+2.50)
Totals: 41-24 (+14.40)

Sharp Action Sides  Sharp Action Totals  
Knicks -6 (small)50WinBK-MIL under 238.5 (small)50Win
Pacers +2.5100WinGS-LAL under 229.5 (small)-55Loss
Knicks -5.5 (small)50WinIND-CHA under 225.5 (small)-55Loss
Jazz -1 (small)50WinWAS-TOR over 219 (small)-55Loss
Wizards +1 (small)50WinPHI-NO under 226.5 (small)50Win
Clippers -3.5 (small)-55LossHOU-MIN over 228 (small)50Win
Heat -1 (small)-55LossBK-PHI under 229.5100Win
Suns -2 (small)50WinHOU-OKC under 224100Win
NO-MIN over 226 (small)-55Loss
PHX-POR under 233 (small)-55Loss
ORL-NY under 214.5 (small)50Win
GS-SAC over 231-55Loss
POR-LAC under 234 (small)50Win
LAL-SA over 220 (small)50Win
CHA-ORL over 217100Win
IND-TOR under 219100Win
LAL-OKC under 217.5 (small)-55Loss
CLE-LAC over 217 (small)-55Loss
GS-MEM under 233100Win
ORL-TOR under 210-110Loss
DAL-DEN under 219.5 (small)50Win
ORL-DET over 205.5 (small)50Win
POR-CHA over 228.5 (small)50Win
DET-BK under 215 (small)50Win
CLE-CHA under 223.5100Win
TOR-NY under 211.5-110Loss
DEN-MEM under 216 (small)50Win
OKC-LAC under 213100Win
SAC-UTA over 219100Win
BOS-ORL under 215.5 (small)50Win
CLE-TOR under 208 (small)50Win
CHA-SAC over 227100Win
PHI-CHI over 211100Win
LAL-POR over 218.5-110Loss
NY-PHI over 211 (small)-55Loss
NO-DAL over 210-110Loss
MIA-DEN under 207 (small)-55Loss
MIL-PHI under 222-110Loss
WAS-CLE under 221.5 (small)50Win
TOR-BOS under 209.5100Win
DAL-CHI over 212 (small)50Win
SAC-SAN over 220100Win
IND-DEN under 209 (small)50Win
IND-UTA under 219.5 (small)50Win
MIN-LAC under 222.5 (small)-55Loss
SA-LAL under 222.5 (small)50Win
BK-OKC over 213 (small)50Win
GS-CHA over 224.5 (small)-55Loss
IND-NY under 217100Win
MIA-OKC under 210 (small)50Win
IND-DET under 209 (small)50Win
WAS-CHA over 217-110Loss
NO-MIA under 216 (small)50Win
LAL-MIL over 217-110Loss
SAC-MIN over 223-110Loss
CLE-GS over 205 (small)-55Loss
SA-MIN under 222.5 (small)50Win
NO-IND under 212.5100Win
NY-CHI over 208.5100Win
IND-CHI over 210.5 (small)-55Loss
TOR-MEM under 220 (small)-55Loss
MIN-CHA over 222100Win
TOR-IND under 213.5100Win
NO-UTA over 214.5-110Loss
SAC-LAL over 225.5100Win
CHA-HOU over 222100Win
WAS-DAL over 209.5 (small)50Win
DET-LAL under 216.5100Win
OKC-HOU over 214.5 (small)-55Loss