Casino News: Pennsylvania Approves Property, Maryland Pushes For Online Gaming

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There is big news happening in the gaming space in the United States. We'll start off this week's recap of the headlines in Pennsylvania where a new property has been approved.

Pennsylvania Approves New Casino Property

A brand-new casino property appears to be coming in the Pennsylvania area. The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board has made the announcement. There was unanimous vote to award a license to build a Category 4 casino. The casino is expected to be located in College Township, Centre Country with Penn State University picking up partial township over it.

The process to secure rights to purchase this property involved an in-depth background investigation a long with input from residents in the area. Even public officials and specific community groups were spoken to about their thoughts on the property through a public input hearing that was held back in August of 2021.

The current estimation of construction costs is set at $35 million, with roughly 350 full-time construction jobs being supported along the way. As of right now, there’s not a schedule for when the property is going to be fully completed. However, representatives have mentioned that it would take nearly a full year once building started to complete.

Maryland Files Online Casino Bill

Maryland is hoping to jump on the bandwagon regarding online casinos. The state has just filed a brand-new bill that would regulate online casinos. It’s currently expected to allow the State Lottery and Gaming Control Commission to award licenses to operators which would allow them to operate internet gaming. Of course, the Gaming Control Commission would need to regulate all offerings from these operators beforehand.

Maryland is also looking into multi-state online poker at the moment. This could involve either Michigan, New Jersey, or both of them if they decide to head down that path. Though this doesn’t currently appear to be the main focus of the bill. Remember, Maryland has already passed and greenlit sports betting.

The first reading of the bill has already concluded, and voters would have to alter the state constitution if they want this bill to go all the way in the future. There’s still a very long road left to travel, but some people are hopeful that this can pass through.

Wildfire Casino Nears Debut In Las Vegas

Those excited to visit the Wildfire Casino are in luck, as the debut is rapidly closing in. Station Casinos just announced that the new property located in downtown Las Vegas is on schedule to open up on February 10th, which lands on a Friday. The 21,000 square-foot casino is listed to have over 200 slot machines along with electronic table games as well. That should bring in lots of money for the casino.

This Wildfire casino is just one part of a Red Rock expansion that’s been going on. Red Rock Resorts is the operator of this establishment and is just one of the many that they’ve been running under the Station brand in Las Vegas. Red Rock is also in the middle of a Durango casino hotel project that doesn’t have a specific finishing date.

Not to mention that Red Rock is currently planning on expanding further downtown in Vegas as well. Some sources believe that the company can double their footprint in the state by the time 2030 comes around.