Sweetheart Teasers: Why They Might Not Be As Profitable As You Might Think

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Anybody who bets on sports has probably heard of sweetheart teasers, or monster teasers as they are known at some of the best sportsbooks. The sweetheart teaser is a special type of bet designed to capture the attention of sports betting fans and convince them that they can make big profits. However, while these bets do win from time to time it’s hard to win enough sweetheart teasers to overcome the house edge. Here is a look at the sweetheart teaser and why they might not be as profitable as you might think.

How To Bet The Sweetheart Teaser

A standard teaser bet can involve anywhere from two to 15 teams, with the bettor getting extra points on the spreads at a price. For example, at BetUs (read the BetUs review here), you can bet three teams with an extra four points on the spread. That means the lines move from +3 to +7, or from +6 to +10. The extra points can improve your chances of winning but they come at a price. The sweetheart teaser takes that bet to another level since they offer 10-point shifts in the line or sometimes even more.

Here is a look at what a 10-point sweetheart teaser could look like with three teams:

Patriots -3.5 over Jets (Patriots +6.5)
Steelers -2.5 over Bengals (Steelers +7.5)
Lions +2.5 over Vikings (Lions +12.5)

The New England Patriots line would shift from -3.5 to +6.5 based on the 10-point teaser while the Steelers would move from -2.5 to +7.5 and the Lions would move from +2.5 to +12.5. These substantial shifts make it that much more likely that your selections would win but it will come at a price.

The Differences In Risk

While a regular three-team parlay could require risking $10 to win $50 depending on the lines, the teasers and specifically the sweetheart teasers shift the risk amounts significantly. For example, the 13-point teaser would require you to risk $14 just to win $10 with three teams. While that might not seem like a lot to risk, the numbers become that much higher depending on the amount you want to win. For example, those looking to win $200 will have to risk $280.

The Profit Debate

One of the biggest debates surrounding the sweetheart teasers is whether or not it makes sense to consistently risk large amounts of money to win smaller amounts. While your odds of winning the actual sweetheart teaser are probably greater than your odds of winning a parlay bet, the risk could negate the difference.

For example, if you risk $280 to win $200 on a sweetheart teaser and lose, then you are down $280. In order to try to win that money back, you could need to risk another $420 to win $300. There is an obvious negative snowball effect that could happen from risking that type of money. Even if you stick to small amounts, the value might not be there. While the odds of winning the actual wager improve buying points on the sweetheart teaser, it’s important to remember the profit differences. That's why the sweetheart teaser might not be as profitable as you think at first glance.