4 Things You Need To Know About Betting The French Open

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Every Grand Slam tournament on the tennis circuit is different. It might not seem significant at first glance, but the unique factors that make up every single event play a major role in its outcomes on an annual basis. That is particularly true when it comes to the French Open. The clay surface is completely different than the hard court and grass surfaces. It only makes sense to take a different approach when it comes to wagering on the event.

Here are four things you absolutely must take in to consideration when it comes to betting on the French Open.

The Surface Is Very Unique

Clay is very different than the hard courts and grass surfaces that you will find at other Grand Slam tournaments. That has to be taken into account. The surface is extremely slick and that can make it hard for players to adapt if they aren’t accustomed to playing on it.

Strong serves aren’t rewarded as much as they are on hard courts and the longer rallies make ball control and stamina that much more important. The uniqueness of the clay has resulted in many more players taking the time to adjust to the surface and practicing hard to become specialists on it. Look for the clay-court specialists when betting on the French Open. They usually offer some good value as they can fly under the radar.

Serve Power Is Partially Negated

The US Open is the ideal Grand Slam for a player with a big serve because the hard court surface provides more speed on each serve. It gives them a greater advantage. However, that is not the case at all at Roland Garros. On the clay surface, it partially negates the impact of the power serves. The ball bounces higher on the clay than other surfaces and that robs the ball of some of the momentum.

Players that rely heavily on their serve or power compared to accuracy and hitting often struggle to adapt. As a result they are left at a major disadvantage. It's important to note the styles of the players before laying your betting units on the action.

Stamina is Important

One of the most important attributes to look for when it comes to player success on clay surfaces is stamina. Long, slow rallies are expected and that puts more pressure on the athletes to adjust. They have to be able to last longer on every single point. It also means that the games can be much longer at Roland Garros. At some point, that means the mental stamina is just as important as the physical stamina. The players need to be able to focus for long stretches of time.

Players who like quick points and quick matches are not going to thrive here. Defensive players, those who have good endurance and can run well succeed in France.

Strategy Can Be Key

Those that understand the clay surface and have spent enough time mastering it are able to use their strategy to their advantage. Stamina is important,, but it is also key for players to have a strategy to every game in order to maximize their ability in each game and ultimately come out on top.

Rafael Nadal is the obvious example of a tennis player that has mastered the clay surface as he has won more French Open tournaments than anyone else. All of the factors we have listed here will play an integral role in the success of your betting strategy for this year’s tournament at Roland Garros. Make sure to look at each player’s history on the clay court surface before making your bets. That will be a good tell as to how they're perform at year’s French Open tournament.