5 Baseball Betting Tips Worth Your Time

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Every bettor is looking for an edge that will help them when it comes to making money in baseball. The majority of public bettors will base their wagers on pitching matchups. However, there are some important rules that could help them out in terms of improving their chances of winning.

Here is a look at five forgotten baseball betting tips that will help you make some serious money.

Approach Favorites With Caution

One of the biggest mistakes that the public bettors make is betting too heavily on favorites and betting outside an assigned limit. Looking at the daily MLB odds, the sheer number of games on the schedule makes it tempting to bet. It's easy to bet too much money on at one time, especially when it comes to substantial favorites. Picking a -200 favorite can be a dangerous proposition since you are risking more than twice the amount you would risk when betting on an underdog. Wagering on a substantial favorite could make sense under the right circumstances could make sense but it’s important to approach these types of wagers with caution.

Bet The Money Line

Unlike in the NFL or NBA, the MLB slate offers plenty of opportunities to bet on the moneyline. In baseball, the underdogs in particular offering a ton of value. The disparity between the best and worst teams in baseball is much smaller than in other sports. The best way to take advantage of this is by betting smart underdog plays on the moneyline.

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Pay Attention To Streaks

Baseball is like hockey in the sense that paying attention to the streaks makes a lot of sense. From a statistical point of view, hitting, pitching and winning streaks should all be taken in to account. There has been a lot of debate over the years about the impact of momentum. Is it truly a tangible factor? The numbers prove that in baseball more than in most other sports the streaks are very much an element that should be taken in to account.

Bullpens Matter

The bottom line in baseball is that teams with outstanding bullpens usually win a lot more than they lose. While starting pitching, hitting and defense will all be important factors, so is the bullpen. It’s important to consider the relievers. You need to have confidence that if that team has a lead late in the game, they'll close it out.

Fade Public Teams

One of the most interesting aspects of the success that the sharps have had betting on baseball is fading the public. Over the years, the best handicappers in the world make no secret that they intentionally fade the public teams. The top handicappers will often rely on the public data in order to invest in a contrarian view. This can be an important tool in particularly in a situation where the public is very high on a specific favorite. That could be a spot where the underdog has a real shot to win. The public perception can move the odds to make one team a bigger underdog than they should be. Those are the perfect situations to fade the public and bet against the favorites.