8 Keys To Handicapping Sports Betting Events

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Every sports betting wager you make should be placed only after some solid analysis leading up to the event. The more you know about the event, the better your chance is to win and make a profit. The ability to consistently make a profit by betting on sports ultimately comes down to how much work you are willing to put in. These eight key factors could help you gain an edge when it comes to handicapping sports betting events.


Every statistic for both sides of a wager should be looked at very closely before a bet is made. For example, any NFL bet should take into consideration elements like the standings, points per game, points allowed peer game and turnovers. You shouldn’t make a bet based solely on the numbers but statistics should factor in to your wagers.


It’s important to stay updated with injuries. The best team in a given sport could be undefeated but if they are going to play a game without two or three of their best players than it will have an obvious impact on the outlook of that game. Twitter is an excellent source to monitor the status of players. Make sure you stay on top of injuries when betting on sports. If you do, you can get yourself an edge even on the best sportsbooks.

Home Versus Road Splits

Home advantage can differ depending on the sport but in every instance it has proven to have an impact. Make sure you check in on the home and road splits for both teams in any given matchup.

Head To Head Splits

The most obvious split to look for is how two teams or players have fared against one another over a period of time. For example, if the Chicago Blackhawks own a 10-1-1 record in their last 12 games against the Arizona Coyotes, that should be taken into consideration. You need to know those numbers before you do your BetOnline, BetUs or Bovada review to see the lines.

Recent Form

Form is always a major factor when it comes to picking winners. If a team has strung together three straight wins, it doesn’t guarantee that a fourth is on the way. However, it does indicate the team is playing at a high level.

This is also important when it comes to individual sports such as golf since golfers can go through streaks. There can be strong results and poor outings that should be taken in to consideration when making a bet.


Weather won’t impact basketball or hockey games but it could be an important factor when betting on NFL odds, golf, soccer or even baseball. Anything from a snowfall in a soccer game to heavy rains and wind in a football game can have a major impact in the outcome of games so make sure you consider the weather before placing any wager.

Match Type

The circumstances surrounding a matchup could have an obvious impact on the outcome. For example, if the Houston Rockets are fighting for a playoff spot then they are that much more likely to play with a sense of urgency than they would if they had already been eliminated from the postseason or had clinched a playoff spot. Whether it’s the first game of the season or the late, a rivalry game or a must-win situation make sure you consider the match type when it comes to betting on any sports matchup.

Unique Situations

There are unique situations that could figure in to the outcome of events as well. For example, if an NHL team has a new coach following a firing. There is a good chance they will come out with an added sense of urgency in their next game. Special situations including coaching changes and potential money bonuses could have an impact on the outcome of a game so make sure you take those unique circumstances into account when betting on sports.