A Buyer’s Beware Guide To Sports Betting Books

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One of the most fascinating aspects of betting on sports is the sheer amount of guides, books and advice that is available out there. There are countless authors trying to pitch their books on the keys to making substantial profits betting on sports but the problem is that the majority of them can’t really be trusted. After all, if all of those countless books with sports betting advice can make you millions of dollars than how is it there aren’t more sports betting millionaires walking around?

Here is a look at the buyers beware guide to sports betting books. And to be clear, we mean books with a cover (not referring to the best sportsbooks).

Learn To Think Like The Pros

The majority of the higher rated books on sports betting can provide players with some generally good insight that will provide readers with some valuable knowledge. These books are given high ratings by the readers but it’s important to keep in mind what they actually offer. The statistics behind sports betting as well as the general trends can help readers to understand how things work but it’s important to take everything you read with a grain of salt. The information in those books can prove to be very valuable but make sure you double check who the author is, read the reviews and make sure you use the material as a guide tool rather than a book on exactly what to do.

No Foolproof System

One of the most important things to remember is that there is no such thing as a proven system that will guarantee sports betting winners. The bottom line is that anything can happen in any sports regardless of the betting odds and you have to be careful not to buy in too heavily on strategies. Even the best handicappers in the world still only hit on their picks between 50-60 percent of the time and these are the guys that have been making these bets for decades.

Ultimately, making a profit by betting on sports comes down to money management, tracking betting units and the ability to pick your spots. Don’t think that following a book page by page will mean you are a lock to make a substantial amount of money.

Less Fact-Checking Nowadays

The final important tip to consider is the way things have changed over the years in terms of books being published. Unlike the old days when every book would be printed by a publishing company after being copy-edited, proofread and checked for quality, the new books can simply be put online without even being checked. That can make it that much more difficult to sort between which the best and worst books are and that is why it is so much more important to read the reviews and learn about the authors. Even the most poorly written sports betting books can provide some important insight if it is from the right source while some of the best written books out there might very well be providing limited insight.

A site called the Gambler’s Book Club can help to narrow down which books are better than others while other sites like Amazon list full reviews to help make sure you make the right picks. Do your research before investing in a sports betting book and make sure you approach each purchase with a buyer beware attitude.