Betting Over Unders: How To Make A Profit Playing Them

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The overall consensus in the sports betting community is that betting on the totals is easier than picking winners. The fact that the best sportsbooks place smaller betting limits with wagers based on the over/under than they do with betting on teams indicates they agree with that theory.

Betting the total is a good opportunity offered to gamblers. Players have predict whether the final score of a game will be higher or lower than the set number. If the combined point total in the final score of a game is higher than the number set by the sportsbooks then the under bet is the winning wager. If the combined point total in the final score of a game is lower than the number set by the best sportsbooks, then the over bet is the winning wager. The concept of betting on totals is very easy understanding how they work in different sports can help you gain an edge.

Betting Football Totals

The National Football League is the most popular of the North American sports for betting. Every single year, billions is bet on the sports and a good percentage of it is on the totals. For example, if the New England Patriots were hosting the New York Jets. Let's say the total for that game would probably be listed at something like 37.5 points. Therefore, if the two teams combined for 38 points or more than the over would be the winning result. If the teams combined for 37 points or less than the under would be the winning result.

How Basketball Totals Are Set

Basketball totals can be a little bit trickier to navigate since there are so many more points in those games. A Golden State Warriors-Houston Rockets matchup could finish with over 230 points. That would be combined between the two teams. In the past, that used to be a number. Nowadays, that type of total isn't uncommon. Although that would be the rarest of situations since those teams were among the highest scoring in the NBA last season.

The totals for basketball could range anywhere from 200.5 to 240.5 on average. The lines can shift based on the statistics for both teams, conditions surrounding the games and the public perception. The sportsbooks could shift the total in either direction. It depends on the amount of action they receive on both sides. It’s important to keep that in mind when betting on totals.

Understanding Totals Betting

It’s important to do the necessary research when it comes to betting on the over/under with important statistics and trends that can be used to break down the matchups. The majority of teams in every sport score more points at home than they do on the road. Some teams fare better against certain types of teams while struggling against others. Injuries to star players can also impact the totals for games along with averages on both offense and defense. The consensus is that betting totals is easier than picking winners and now that you understand how it works it makes sense to put in the time and get in on the action with a chance to make some serious money playing the sports betting totals.