French Open Results Can Offer Wimbledon Tips

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Past performance does not guarantee future results in sports betting. However, it might not have seemed that way based on how tennis followers continued to bet on Wimbledon throughout the French Open. The second major of the tennis season is in the books but a look at the betting activity that took place while the best in the world competed at Roland Garros reveals some interesting details.

Here is a look at how French Open results impact Wimbledon tips and tennis bets.

Odds To Win Improve At Wimbledon If Player Lasts At Roland Garros

The French Open is a far different tournament than Wimbledon. Beyond the different locations and venues the court surfaces are different with clay a much harder and slower surface than the grass at the All England club. Unlike a pair of events played on the same surface, there is a lot less to draw from the comparison between the French Open and Wimbledon.

That said, the betting odds at betting sites for Wimbledon continued to move up and down in the projected “Winner” market based on the results at Roland Garros. A lot of that had to do with the fact that the players that advanced to the final rounds of the French Open also happen to already project well at Wimbledon. The idea is that their success at Roland Garros is an indicator of strong current form that compliments the idea that they will succeed at Wimbledon rather than being completely based on it.

Djokovic, Murray Serve As Historic Examples

World No. 1 Novak Djokovic was already listed as the favorite to win Wimbledon when the betting odds were first released. Therefore, it should be no surprise that his odds changed in the direction of him being more likely to win in England after he finally completed the career Grand Slam. The fact that he broke through with his first-career victory at the only major tournament where he had never won before supports the idea that he is either at the peak of his career or that he is simply that much further ahead of the curve than his opponents. Either way, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Djokovic’s form in the French Open led to his odds to win Wimbledon being impacted.

Djokovic isn’t the only player whose Wimbledon betting odds were impacted at the French Open either. Andy Murray fell just short in the final versus Djokovic. However, that runner-up performance combined with his strong history at Wimbledon meant that more supporters were getting behind him for the next major on the schedule. Stan Wawrinka is another top player that received more support based on his strong performance at the French Open.

Meanwhile, the opposite was true for Rafael Nadal, whose injury status continued to affect his support on the betting markets. Nadal withdrew from the French Open in the third round when he suffered a left wrist injury. The fact that he couldn’t get through a tournament that he has dominated over the years as the King of the Clay Court raised some major concerns.

Bettors Go On What They’ve Seen, Which Impacts Future Markets

Past performance might not be an indicator of future results. However, tennis fans clearly draw heavily on what they see at one major event. They then use that information to make their picks for the next one. The 2016 French Open was no different with tennis fans allowing the results at Roland Garros to heavily dictate Wimbledon tips. That activity drastically changed the outlook for the betting markets for Wimbledon with a clear correlation between how the results from the French Open impacted the outlook for the next major tournament on the calendar.