How Does A New Soccer Stadium Impacts Betting?

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While it might not seem like a major factor at first glance, it has already been proven that playing in a new stadium can affect a soccer team’s performance. The best sportsbooks adjust for it. As a bettor, you have to do the same.

We took the time to analyze in more detail the three key factors that contribute to this impact and how a team performs. Here is a look at the important aspects that can affect the performances of a soccer team when they are playing in a new soccer stadium.


One of the most important factors involved in home field advantage is that a group of players performs better in familiar surroundings than they do in unfamiliar surroundings. These players benefit from a marginal advantage in individual contests. Therefore, a whole team performs better based on that home advantage. When a soccer teams moves to a new stadium, it takes time for them to familiarize themselves with new surroundings.

The changes that take place include everything from the changing rooms to the actual field, the pre-match routines and potential travel arrangements depending on where the stadium is located. A soccer team can get a brand new state of the art stadium and still struggle out of the gate just because a general lack of familiarity with their surroundings ultimately hurts them.

Fans In The New Soccer Stadium

The fans at Leicester City became the stuff of legend when they caused a minor earthquake by celebrating a winning goal in the Premier League years ago. The general assumption is that the more fans a stadium has the louder it will be. However, the studies show that even with fewer fans the stadium can be louder depending on the structure. Also, the number of lower bowl seats (and fans who are there) will have an impact.

The studies have shown that a familiarity with a stadium can actually boost testosterone levels in fans. They relate to a sense of primitive territory and the mindset that they are defending their home. It might seem crazy but the studies have shown that the home fans can have a major influence on the outcome of soccer games.


The final aspect of moving to a new stadium that should be taken into account is that a new stadium can be extremely expensive. Therefore, teams could have fewer dollars to spend on players while needing to charge more money to the fans. The rising stadium costs could result in weaker rosters and therefore the new stadium would have a direct negative impact on a team’s roster.

Finances will always have a huge impact in the sustained success of a team and with new stadiums there could be a small dip in overall performance based on having lesser money to spend on players.


While a new stadium can be a welcomed thing from fans based on their desire to have a state of the art home to enjoy watching their team play, there is definitely a cost associated with moving into new digs. It might seem like a small sample size but the numbers show that a lack of familiarity for the players and the fans combined with less money to spend on the roster could all contribute to a negative impact on a team’s performance in the immediate aftermath of moving in to a new stadium. Your betting strategy has to account for that.