How Making A Profit Through Sports Props Betting Works

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Sportsbooks have done a terrific job making profits from prop betting over the years. That's largely in part to growing public interest and perceptions. Many bettors use prop bets solely for fun in hopes of a big payout. However, they usually don’t pay close enough attention to the details of them and whether or not they are making smart wagers.

Most sportsbooks also spend much less time making sure the lines for props are as sharp as they would with more traditional lines such as point spreads, money lines and Over/Under totals. Instead, the usually charge that much more extra juice on prop bets in order to make it easier for them to profit on these types of wagers.

Here is a look at how making a profit on sports props betting works.

Making Money On Props

The players that make money betting on props are the ones that take the time to do the necessary research. They don’t just get sucked in to bets in order to have fun or potentially make a significant profit. The most common type of bettor wagers just one games in team sports. Some smart bettors take the time to break down the splits. That way they understand the game within the game in order to gain an edge. Those types of bettors can include fantasy sports gurus and specialists that are able to accurately forecast how players will perform in order to gain an edge in that department. Sportsbooks don’t have the time to focus a lot of energy on lines for prop betting. That means those that are willing to put in the necessary time and energy to gain an edge could have a significant chance of making substantial profits when it comes to props betting.

Getting An Edge On The Book

The bettors have the edge over sportsbooks when it comes to props betting. That's because they are willing to put in more time and because they can seek out the resources to dig deeper. Everything from a player’s recent form, to his splits at home compared to on the road, to his splits in certain other situations including opponents should be taken in to consideration to help gain an edge. If the sportsbook creates a line for a props bet based on a player’s average statistics, the sports bettor could gain an edge by breaking down the numbers even further.

Narrow Your Focus

The important thing to remember is to narrow your focus as much as possible in order to gain an edge. The best sportsbooks create a wide array of prop bets surrounding a game. The more time you spend with each of them, the less time you spend on improving your edge with an individual prop bet.

The smart move is to find a favorable line and put as much time as possible in to the necessary research to gain an edge. By understanding how the sportsbooks create the props you can gain a significant edge and make a substantial profit in the process.