How Much You Bet Per Game Is Critical To Your Success

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The majority of public sports bettors focus on picking winners a lot more than they do on the amount the risk and the amount they can potential win on every single wager they make. While on the surface that might seem obvious, the reality is that it is also not the smartest approach when it comes to making money. There is a strong case that suggests the amount that a player wagers is actually more important than what teams they bet on.

Here is a look at some different stake betting methods and why they are so important to success.

Stake Betting Method #1: Bet Everything All The Time

The first stake betting method is to bet everything all of the time. The advantage to doing this is that you win big on every return. However, the downside is pretty obvious as all it takes is one loss to go bankrupt. The second strategy is called the Fixed Wager strategy. This requires betting a fixed amount for each bet and don’t vary no matter how much you win.

For example, if you made two bets including one on an underdog at +200 and one on a favorite at -150 then your wager amount should stay exactly the same even despite the potential payout differences. $50 on the underdog would result on a profit of $100 if it hits while the favorite would result in a profit of just $25 if it hits.

That is a substantial difference but it does help to keep a steady risk amount that is easy to track. Neither of those methods is very good so it makes sense to look elsewhere for a better strategy.

Stake Betting Method #2: Martingale System

One of the best stake betting methods available is known as the Martingale system. The Martingale system requires bettors to double their stakes after a failed bet in order to cover their losses with the winnings of their next bet. This gives a quicker increase than fixed wagers and it works if you have the money to cover your losses. The best approach to the Martingale system is having a deep payroll that can afford to take the hits of potential losses and having a good strategy for picking winners. If you hit on anywhere higher than 55-percent of your picks, you should be able to guarantee a substantial profit wagering with the Martingale system.

Stake Betting Method #2: Fibonacci, Proportional

There are other systems out there including the Fibonacci system and Proportional Betting but neither of those strategies is as smart as rolling with the Martingale system. It’s important to go over the numbers and keep track of them for your own records in order to evaluate how your system is working and make sure it is resulting in a substantial profit. It is important to remember that there is no perfect system that will guarantee a profit but these stakes betting systems can drastically help to improve the odds of winning.

The stakes betting method you choose is extremely important to your success or failures when it comes to sports betting so make sure you keep track of the numbers and don’t overlook strategy when it comes to wagering on sports.

Whether you plan to plan on traditional sites or the best bitcoin sportsbooks, you have to have a plan. The Martingale system could be the best approach from a stakes betting perspective so consider trying it out in order to improve your bottom line.