How To Bet On Sports Like A Wise Guy

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The most important element of betting on sports is earning as much value as possible on every single wager. Value means getting better than “true” odds for every bet.

For example, if you deem that an underdog in an NFL game should be getting 3.5 points on the point spread. Meanwhile, the actual line has them getting 6.5 points. That's what would be considered a value-betting proposition or an overlay. Value betting is an important element when it comes to making a profit by betting on sports. However, it is just one thing to consider when learning how to bet like a sharp.

Here is a look at three keys to betting on sports like a wise guy.

Looking For Value

Value betting is all about betting when you regard the risk in order to make sure the reward ration as is heavily in your favor. That could mean betting on the favorite but more often than not it requires betting on the underdog. The fact that so much of the public is afraid to put their money on the underdogs can often lead to lines being bigger than they should and that creates an excellent opportunity to make a strong value play.

Understand Key Numbers

Key numbers are another element that sports bettors should take in to account. It’s important to pay even more attention to what are considered the key numbers in sports. That means 3, 4, 6, 7 and 10 representing situations where slight moves can create major value opportunities in football.

For example, if a 7-point line moves to 7.5, that creates an even greater potential value to betting on an underdog play at +7.5. An underdog at +7.5 is a lot more valuable than an underdog at +6.5. That should be taken in to consideration when betting on sports like a wise guy.

Betting against The Public

Another important element to consider is going against the public. Certain teams traditionally have strong public followings. That means the best value plays can be betting against those teams. For example, if the Dallas Cowboys are to be listed as the slight favorites against the Washington Commanders at Bovada sportsbook (Bovada review). In that case, the line should probably be something like 2.5.

However, with the knowledge that the majority of the public will take Dallas, the oddsmakers might have no problem moving Washington from -2.5 to -3.5. That is a very important move since the Commanders can lose by a field goal and still be the winning side since they are getting just over three points in their favor. The best value bets can often go against the public. Don’t be afraid to step outside the box and bet against the popular pick.

Bet On Sports Like A Wise Guy

If you pay close attention to where the value is, monitor the key numbers and are not opposed to betting against the public, you will really help your chances to make significant profits the way that the sharp bettors do on a regular basis.

These three key tips will help you to bet like a wise guy. Remember the amount of time that needs to be put in to understand every angle. And don't forget to set yourself on the right track to making some big money betting on sports.