How To Create A One-Run Line In Baseball

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Sports betting handicappers that like to bet on big baseball favorites usually have two choices when it comes to their wagers. Those players can either lay the price and bet the favorite or they can play the run line and lay 1.5 runs for more attractive odds, while also hoping the favorite doesn’t win by exactly one run.

However, there is another way bettors used to have. They could reduce risk when betting on large favorites and not lose when the favorite only wins by a run. While many of the best sportsbooks don't offer a one-run line, there's a way to do it manually. Here is a look at how to create a one-run line in baseball, which might be helpful to you.

Making A Favorite -1 Run

In a situation where you have a favorite and want to reduce the odds and essentially lay -1 run, you are going to make two separate bets. The first bet is a straight bet on the money line and the second will be a traditional bet on the run line where you lay 1.5 runs. The first part of the bet is a moneyline wager of -200, risking $133.34 to win $66.67.

Meanwhile, the second part of our wager is a run line bet of $66.66 to win $55.55. In total, we are risking a total of $200 to potentially win just over $122. By creating this -1 runline, we are essentially turning a -200 favorite in to a -164 favorite. However, now we need the pick to win by more than one run. Then we have effectively hedged our bet to make sure that we still limit the money we lose if the pick wins by one run.

Making The Underdog +1 Run

The same format can be used for making the underdog +1 run. The difference in this situation is that the runline wager has to cover the cost of a losing moneyline wager. Using the same idea for the prices above, let's say the New York Yankees are playing the Boston Red Sox. Let's say the Yankees are favored at -200 on the moneyline and -120 on the runline. That means we would get odds at +170 on the underdog moneyline bet and even for a runline bet. We would split our money risked in half to put $100 on the moneyline and $100 on the runline in order to make for an even split.

Our potential winning is $340 and we have also effectively covered ourselves on the moneyline. Then we've properly hedged our bet.


It might take a little bit of practice in order to get the hang of how this system works. The reality is that as long as you stick to the system you will effectively be creating one-run lines. The math is easy to understand. The one-run line is an excellent way for those that want to bet on big baseball favorites and get insurance. You can bet on games with higher MLB odds and more juice, yet have some protection. Regardless of whether you bet the favorite or underdog, adding a run in either direction offers safety.