How To Create A World Series Box Pool

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The World Series box pool is another fun and entertaining way to make the championship event in baseball that much more exciting on an annual basis. The best part about it is that it is very easy to learn and yet still a lot of fun. It's a fun alternative to simply betting the MLB odds. Here is a look at how you can create your own World Series box pools.

Create The Boxes

The first and most important thing you must do for your World Series box pool is to create the actual boxes. Simply draw lines until you have 10 rows going across and 10 rows going down for a total of 100 boxes.

Once you are finished that, your pool should look like a massive grid. Make sure you label one team at the top of the boxes and the other team on the diagonal side on the left. This is so potential players know which team will correspond to each number that will be drawn.

Fill The Squares

The next step is to fill out the names of the entrants on the squares. You can do this by either drawing names out of a hat or allowing the individuals that enter the pool to choose which boxes they want. As the squares are being filled out you can collect the money from each individual entry. All of the money is to be tallied up and given to the winner as the prize at the end.

Draw The Numbers

The final step is to draw the numbers for each row of squares so that you have 10 numbers across and 10 numbers down. When you are finished writing in the numbers the final box should look fairly simple with no rows that aren’t numbered. Based on the boxes you can now tell which score each entrant needs in order to win the pool.

For example, if a name is listed under the 6 in the vertical column and the 2 in the horizontal column then that person needs the team listed on the top to win 6-2. However, if the name is listed under the 2 in the vertical column and the 6 in the horizontal column then that entrant will need the team to left to win 6-2.

It is a simple format that is easy to understand but can still be a lot of fun.

Hits Instead Of Runs

One of the interesting adaptions made to World Series box pools over the years is the use of hits instead of runs. Since there is a good chance there won’t be nine or 10 runs in a World Series game some fans substitute in hits in place of runs in order to make for a more interesting competition. The number of hits or runs will constantly change throughout the game and that means there will be a number of different leaders throughout the contest.

The winner won’t be determined until the score is final. Once it is all over, simply find the name in the box that matches the final score and give the champion their prize money.