How To Make Sports Betting Selections The Right Way

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One of the biggest fallacies about successful sports betting is that it is all about picking as many winners as possible. Far too often beginner bettors get in to sports betting thinking that as long as they make the right predictions more often than not then they will make a profit. However, that strategy really won’t pay off as even the best handicappers in the world pick winners only around 50-60 percent of the time.

Picking the right selections is definitely important but there is much more than goes in to sports betting success. Here is a look at how to make sports betting selections the right way.

Building Profits

One of the most important things to remember when it comes to successful sports betting is that it’s important to seek out value and profitable lines rather than solely focusing on winners that deliver at high rates. If you bet to win $100 on 10 favorites that are listed at -200, and you win six of them, you will still be losing money. That's because your losing wagers cost you $800 in comparison to the $600 that you lost.

The fact that you won 60-percent of your wagers and still ended up with a negative-$200 bottom line is an illustration of why it is important to focus on profits over lines that should hit at high rates.

The best handicappers in the world pay close attention to the betting odds in order to try to figure out where the best value is and take advantage of it. It’s extremely important to manage the amount of money you risk and the lines that you are betting on in order to lock in on the best values for building up your bankroll.

Rationality Over Emotion

One of the biggest mistakes that beginning sports bettors make is that they follow their heart rather than using their head. They bet on what they want to happen rather than what will actually happen and it might even be a conscious decision. You might not even be betting on your favorite team either.

Think about a situation where you think a team will win at first glance. Let's say you believe in the Dallas Cowboys tonight. Next you tell a bunch of people that they will win. Then at the last minute, you notice some information you previously weren’t aware of and now you want to change your pick.

Do you change your pick? Or do you stick with the team that you told everybody would win and cheer for them? Rationality should always trump emotion when it comes to betting on sports so make sure you keep that in mind.

Make Smart Sports Betting Selections

This article has nothing to do with specifically who to pick and why to pick them. Rather, it's the approach that you should take when it comes to successfully building up your bankroll. The best handicappers in the world understand the value of building up profits and relying on rational over emotion. Also, shopping around for the best line at places like Bookmaker or BetOnline matters. Overall, it definitely makes sense to follow the sharps' lead if you want to make some serious money by betting on sports.