Is It A Good Idea To Pay For Sports Betting Picks?

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There is a good chance that if you bet on sports, you have seen the advertisements promoting the handicappers who always win and never lose. You'll see them on Twitter, online sites and sometimes on television. They're offering you their winning picks at a very reasonable promotional price.

The biggest question is whether or not it is really worth spending money in order to buy sports betting picks. The reality is that unfortunately there is no simple right or wrong answer to that question. Buying picks is different for every bettor and their own personal situation. Here is a look at the factors that you should consider when breaking down whether or not it is a good idea to pay for sports betting picks.

How Much Are You Willing To Risk?

The first and most important element to consider is your bankroll. How much money are you willing to risk in order to make a profit? If you are making $2 or $5 wagers and that's your betting unit, it really doesn’t make sense to pay a significant amount more than that in order to get winning picks. That's because the amount of money you will win still likely won’t make up for the money. However, if you have a bankroll in the thousands, it might be worth considering paying for winners.

Are Picks Worth Paying For?

The other important element to consider is what type of bettor you are. How much you will be willing to risk in order to make a profit? If you spend $300 for 10 winning picks and you are willing to risk $100 on every single wager, then suddenly it could be worth paying for those picks.

The amount of profit you make would still significantly outweigh the amount of money that you spent. It’s important to make sure that it makes sense from a marginal standpoint. Before you buy picks, factor that it largely depend on the type of bettor that you are.

Will Professionals Help You Win?

The final element to consider is whether you actually need professional help when it comes to picking winners. Even the best handicappers tend to operate around the 60% line give or take a few points. If you are already hitting that mark, you really don’t need to get help from anybody else. You are already succeeding on your own.

However, if you are struggling to consistently pick winners and you want some help in that department then you can consult professional handicappers at the most reasonable price in order to gain an edge. It only makes sense to buy picks if you can find a reliable veteran handicapper with a proven record that will help you to consistently make winning picks.

You need to have the bankroll in place, be willing to wager a substantial amount of money and be able to find a handicapper that picks winners on a more consistent basis then you do. You also need a book that will take reasonably high-limit bets like BetUs (check out our BetUs review).

If all of those factors add up, it would make sense to pay for sports betting picks. If you answered ‘no' to any of those elements, you might be better off considering a different option.