NHL Betting: The Advantage Of Betting Totals

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The National Hockey League has a strong following of sports betting fans. However, it is still the least bet of the so-called four major sports in North America. The fact that fewer people bet on hockey can be a good thing for those that do it. That is because the sportsbooks spend less time breaking down the numbers. They know that even if they hang a bad number the damage won’t be as bad as if they did the same thing with an NFL or NBA line. There is some serious money to be made for those that take the time to put in the necessary research when it comes to betting on NHL odds. Here is a look at why there is an advantage to betting hockey totals.

NHL Totals Stay Within A Range

The biggest advantage that sports bettors have when it comes to betting on hockey is in the totals. The best betting sites tend to have a big problem putting up a number other than 5 or 5.5. Although, more recently we have seen 4.5 or 6 pop up more than in previous years. However, the line for NHL totals is still 5 or 5.5 more often than not. That is why it makes sense to try and take advantage of those lines.

Consider the fluctuation in baseball totals as the perfect comparison against NHL totals. MLB totals will range from 6 for an expected pitchers duel to 11.5 or 12 for a matchup of two of the higher scoring teams in the league. Even in a relatively lower scoring game like soccer, the totals can fluctuate from 1.5 in projected defensive battles to 3.5 in games that are expected to be high scoring. It is impossible to justify a 2-point swing in the totals for a low scoring game like soccer when the lines for hockey hardly move. It only makes sense for sports bettors to attempt to break down the numbers and try to take advantage of the situation.

Goaltenders Are The Key

As is the case with pitchers in baseball, one of the most important aspects of betting NHL totals rests with the goaltenders. The goals against averages are readily available for every single starting netminder. You'll also find specific splits like home numbers, road numbers and in games against specific opponents. There is also the fact that some teams prefer to play tight defensive systems. Those usually lead to lower scoring games like the New Jersey Devils. Meanwhile, other teams like the Dallas Stars and Washington Capitals tend to play a more wide open game. That leads to more goals. The numbers for goals and team scoring are widely available online. That it makes sense to do the necessary research and find potential holes in the lines for NHL totals.

Advantages Of Betting Totals

The NHL doesn’t get the same level of betting attention as the NFL, NBA or MLB. However, it could be the best avenue by which to make a substantial profit. The fact that the sportsbooks don’t significantly adjust the lines means that bettors can take advantage. They just need to find a matchup that they perceive to be higher scoring or lower scoring. There are obvious advantages to wagering on hockey so consider what you have read here and don’t be shy trying your hand on betting NHL totals.