Some Popular Ideas For Super Bowl Pools

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There isn’t a sports betting event on the planet that is bigger than the Super Bowl. The same can be said for the office pools surrounding the crown jewel of championship games. While there is plenty of interest in the March Madness tournament, the Super Bowl rakes in an estimated $10 billion in all types of wagers for a single game, ranging from traditional bets at the Super Bowl betting sites to office pools and everything in between.

Serious handicappers will focus on making as much money as possible betting on the game with sportsbooks. However, the majority of casual fans have no problem adding to the excitement of the game with a pool. Here is a look at some popular ideas for Super Bowl pools.

Super Bowl Pools: The Squares Game

The first thing you have to figure out for your Super Bowl pools is the number of people that will be involved. A group of 12 people won’t work nearly as well as an office of 50 people when it comes to doing a square pool but you can offset the problem with overall numbers by increasing the number of boxes that every entrant receives. The square pool, which is also known as a box pool, sets up 100 squares will the different potential scores on a grid so that everybody is assigned a box with the potential final score. The person that picked the square with the correct final score is the winner.

One concept that might work for smaller groups is creating a 25-square grid and then draw two numbers for each. This allows you to have the same fun and excitement as a bigger box while narrowing down the options to make it easier to keep track.

Drawing Numbers

Another fun Super Bowl pools idea is drawing numbers. The concept is extremely simple as you simply write down the numbers 0 through 9 on slips of paper and then have everybody draw a slip of paper. The person holding the slip of the last digit of the two team’s combined scores would be the winner.

For example, if the New England Patriots beat the Seattle Seahawks 28-24. In this case, the combined score would be 52. That means the winning number would be 2 since it’s the final number on the combined score. Drawing numbers is extremely easy and with the score constantly changing it can be a lot of fun.

Predicting The Final Score

One more fun Super Bowl pool idea is predicting the score for the game. This is another extremely easy game as players simply sign up and pick what they think the final score will be. Whoever comes the closest to accurately predicting the final score wins. If two people have the same final score then the tiebreaker can go to whoever correctly predicts the winning team. These are just a couple of fun ways to enhance the Super Bowl experience for the office or at a party but they aren’t the only ways to have fun.

Don’t be shy to come up with your own ideas Super Bowl pools, even if you have to borrow from the concepts used in the pool examples you read about here. A lot of people customize their own – especially around the props. There are tons of Super Bowl odds for the biggest sporting event of the year. Leverage the big menu and come up with a game that piques your interest!