The Traits Of A Successful Sports Bettor

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Any experienced sports bettor is probably aware of the different things that have to happen in order to enjoy success. Picking winners is important but money management, value concepts and remaining at an even keel are all important aspects as well. Whether you're betting casually at BetNow for some fun or betting professionally at Bookmaker to make a living, there are certain traits that will make you more successful.

Here is a look at five factors that can help make more money betting on sports.

1. Sports Knowledge

It should be pretty obvious that successful sports betting does require a strong enough knowledge of sports but the best in the world really invest a substantial amount of time in to learning the ins and outs of the sports that they wager on. The more knowledge that you have, the better prepared you will be when it comes to making the right sports betting decisions.

2. Strong Math Skills

It doesn’t take a math genius to make money from betting on sports but it will certainly help if you understand the fundamentals. There are plenty of tools and resources available online as well that can help make the mathematics behind successful sports betting a little bit easier.

3. Understanding Values

The concept of value is extremely important when it comes to making money by betting on sports. The key is to recognize that picking winners alone isn’t enough to make money if the value just isn’t there taking them. The point is to find the winning wagers that will pay out a substantial amount of money without too great of a risk. You'd rather that than risking substantial amounts of money for small gains.

4. Emotional Control & Discipline

It is very easy to allow emotions to get the best of you when betting on sports, whether it’s getting too high on a win streak or too low on a losing streak. The key is to remain grounded and make sure that you remain disciplined in order to avoid letting your emotions get the best of you. It’s just as easy to get too cocky and suffer a big loss because you got too cocky and risked more than you could afford on a favorite you considered a lock as it is going all-in in an attempt to make up for losses on an extending winless skid. You never want to get too high or too low so keeping your emotions in check is extremely important.

5.A Long Term View

Another key aspect to successful sports betting is the ability to maintain a long-term view and avoid getting too caught up with the short-term numbers. Even the most successful sports bettors in the world will win only 55-60 percent of the time. It’s very important to maintain a long-term view. Don't get too caught up with a small period of time in particular regardless of whether you are winning or losing.

Recipe For Success

There isn’t any one key to successful sports betting but rather a number of individual factors that combine to make the difference. Picking winners is only the first step to successful sports betting but unless you take care of each of the other keys you will struggle to consistently generate significant sports betting profits.