Why Betting On Baseball Is So Profitable For The Sharps

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The National Football League might be the most popular of the major North American sports in terms of public betting. However, when it comes to making a profit, no time is better for the sharps than the summer months. It’s no secret in Las Vegas that the sharps absolutely love betting on baseball. It's know that they make a substantial profit doing it based on several key factors.

Here is a look at why baseball betting is so profitable for the sports betting sharps that commit.

Moneylines Make Money

One of the differences between baseball and the other sports is that the majority of money is on the moneyline. With money line wagers, sports bettors are simply wagering on which team will win the game. The fact that the majority of the bets are on moneylines means that bettors don’t have to hit at the same clip they have to with football or basketball in order to make a profit. When betting on football and basketball, bettors have to win 52.4% of their wagers in order to make a profit. That is not the case with baseball. A win rate can be much lower and still lead to a substantial profit.

The plus-money payouts that come from successfully betting on underdogs can make a major difference. They provide major boosts to the bottom line. That is why the sharps love to bet on baseball games. They can make two wagers on underdogs and end up making a profit just by hitting on one of them.

Long Season, Lots Of Opportunities

Another reason why the sharps are so successful when it comes to betting on baseball is the fact that the season is so long. Compare it to the NFL: there are only 17 games per team over the course of an entire year. Meanwhile, the MLB features plenty of action with teams often playing six or seven times per week. The 2,430-game regular season provides sharp sports bettors with that many more opportunities to take advantage. They can figure out the best way to gain an edge. Even if the return on investment is the same in baseball as it is in football or basketball, the fact that there are so many games will make the overall profit that much better.

Stick To A System

Finding the right betting system is the key to consistently making a significant profit betting on baseball. The casual bettor would be smart to do some research in order to determine which routes the sharps are taking to make a profit and which system is best suited for them to use. In order to develop a consistent strategy, the casual fan has to understand not just what the sharps are doing but why they are doing it. There are plenty of sites that offer their best bets on a daily basis as well as smart strategies to follow in order to gain an edge so make sure you take the time to do the necessary research and figure out the best way to make some serious cash.