5 Of The Biggest Reasons Why Sports Bettors Aren’t Successful

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Sports betting has been around for decades and decades. Now that the game has moved more to the online medium, it has gotten even more popular. That's because it's so accessible. 25 years ago, you had to walk to a sportsbook or call your bookie to place bets. Now you just make a few clicks or open an app on your phone to bet.

Since it's easier, you also have more people getting into it without doing their homework. Everyone thinks it's easy and that leads to a lot of mistakes. Here are five common reasons why players wind up on the losing end of their bets.

Not Doing The Proper Research

There is absolutely no excuse at all for not doing research in today's age, with the internet at your fingertips. Sports is broken down into stats that you would have never thought about even a decade ago, but some players think they can make the right bets just based on what they know. That is never a good idea. Use your knowledge, but know that you can always get more just by doing the proper Google searches. An educated pick gives you a better chance at winning, just like studying for a test gives you a better chance of passing.

Poor Money Management

Being smart with your money is the key to success with betting. The amount you put on wagers will go a long way in making your account stretch further. Do not put 85% of the money in your account on one game because if you lose (and there is a good chance you will), the ride is almost over. You will spend the rest chasing bad wagers that you do not have a chance to win.

Being intelligent with your money will allow you to dictate the bets you want to make. You don't want that to be the other way around.

Betting On Sports They Have No Business Wagering On

Then you have the players that will just wager on anything, including sports they know nothing about. Or esports, table tennis or Madden Sims.

If you have never seen a cricket match in your life, are you going to risk 50% of your betting units on a cricket match? You should not, but there are more than enough players that will and that is why they wind up broke.

Wagering On Too Many Games

Sticking to the sports you know is a smart choice, but what is the opposite of that? Betting on every single game in that sport. No one is going to pick all the games correctly, so why not just bet on the games you feel the best about? They might be the games for which you have done the most research or you are most familiar with the players. Whatever the case may be, you are not proving anything by betting on all the games.

The Television Games

The television games is something that an older generation of bettors deals with more than newer players. However, it's still something that everyone can get sucked into if there's not much happening and a game is easy to find on TV.

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From an odds perspective, the television games in every sport are tricky to judge. That's because lines move based on how much money comes in on either side of the matchup and television games are always going to bring in a lot as casual players are going to wager on them.

You should still bet on these games, but be a little more diligent in your research and do not make larger bets; instead, go the other way and make smaller bets.