The Concept Of Back-Testing And How To Gain An Advantage

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There are few things as frustrating for sports betting handicappers as the back-testing process, which is used to break down various situational and statistical handicapping methods to check for previous results.

Depending on the sport, the back-tracking process takes a very different approach. With a sport such as baseball, the process might require a decent two or three months of examining the MLB odds in which 55 to 80 games will be looked at.

Meanwhile, football and college basketball could require years of results in order to get a good appreciation for the numbers. There is no set amount of results to look at. Depending on the sport, you can use either situation or statistical systems on order to pass the sense test. Taking a team after it goes -3 in turnovers the following week can make sense. That's if you believe that they will not make those same mistakes again.

However, if could make just as much sense if you believe that they will repeat their mistakes and do the same things again in the next game. There is no guaranteed way to make a profit betting on sports but these systems can help when it comes to the concepts of back-testing.

Richard Tolliver's Mr. NFL & Mr. CFB

The Mr. NFL and Mr. CFB software programs were developed by Richard Tolliver to help predict scores for each game. Sports betting handicappers can adjust the value of the variables that they are considering for a program. Those back-testing statistical methods will love the program.

Handicappers can go to the previous year and enter a week number to see the stats for a team at that point in time. Then they can then use the program to add up the numbers in an effort to save time rather than doing things manually. It takes some time to understand how the features work. However, a little research could go a long way when it comes to making a profit.

SDQL Database Queries

Another intriguing source that handicappers will want to consider using is the Sports Database Query Language, or SDQL. This is a popular web-based sit that a number of handicappers use. It is a query language that allows players to input variables into a query field. From there, you get the results you are looking for. There are both pros and cons to using SDQL.

Like the other systems, it does take time to learn them. A little patience can certainly go a long way. The site also offers plenty of help in order to make sure its users get the best possible experience and learn how to use the system efficiently.

Use Tools To Your Advantage

The best sports handicappers are the ones that take the time to learn the systems. It's important to do as much research as possible to find ways to win. Learning these systems isn’t difficult. Once you gain an understanding of how to use them, it can take your sports betting to the next level.

Professional handicappers that have spent hours looking for the best available tools have approved these systems so consider taking advantage of them and exploring the concept of back-testing even further to gain an edge.